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stem question???(2 posts)

stem question???kushogun
Jan 3, 2002 11:07 AM
Hello everyone! I'm looking for a stem to compliment a new bar. Haven't decided on a new bar yet as you will see in a later post. But anyways... I was looking between the ITM Millenium for it's durability and time tested performance, and the Deda Newton using uluminum or steel bolts for it's weight savings and performance. The major question is, the ITM is a 25.8 mm clamp. If I went with a 26.0 mm bar, would this be a problem as far as denting the now wafer thin bars? Any and all help and suggestions on stems would be greatly appreciated. By the way, i'd probably replace the bolts on the ITM as well because I heard the OEM bolts rust! Yikes! Thanks and stay warm everyone!
use the right sizedzrider
Jan 3, 2002 2:05 PM
I really love my rubber mallet, but have had poor results mixing bar and stem sizes eg:
Scraped up bars,
one set that I had to remove with a hack saw
Please don't try a 26.0 clamp on 25.8 bars. You really don't want to feel your bars move when you put on your brakes!