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Handlebar question???(2 posts)

Handlebar question???kushogun
Jan 3, 2002 11:01 AM
Hello everyone. Ok, I am searching for a new stem/handlebar combo over my OEM setup. I ride a 54cm Cannondale R1000. I am currently using a Ritchey 17 degree flip-flop stem and the CODA competition bars. I flipped the stem so it is very very aggressive. My bars sit nearly 3.7 inches below the level of my saddle. My problem is, the drop seems really deep! Reach is ok, but the drop is very very low. Was curious if anyone knew what the official drop of the CODA bars were? Also I wanted to get input on bars for a shallower drop... I read the Cinelli Solida was a good choice for minimal drop, and the Easton EC90 was a good choice, but increased the reach by nearly a cm! I was going between the Deda Anatomic 215, Newton, Cinelli Solida, TTT Prima 199 or Zepp series. I am only 145 lbs so I don't torque the bars that much when climbing or sprinting. Just looking for better fit and to drop some weight. Also if I wear a 38-39 in suits, should I go with a 40cm bar??? Thanks for the help all!
ExtrapolationKerry Irons
Jan 3, 2002 5:41 PM
No way to tell your h'bar width (shoulder width) from you suit size (chest circumfrence). How about you just measure your shoulder width?

While flexibility is a very individual thing, 9+ cm drop for someone riding a 54 cm frame is A LOT!!! You should be setting the handlebars at the right height (maybe 5-7 cm drop, if you're flexible) and then worry about the size of the bars. Sounds like a bit of cart before the horse problem.