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Fairings & "Bike Covers"(3 posts)

Fairings & "Bike Covers"Greg_Cycling
Jan 2, 2002 12:35 PM
I'm considering a Fairing for my roof rack. I've noticed with the rack and bikes my gas mileage drops a few miles per gallon.

Do Fairings improve gas mileage (& noise) enough to make purchase worthwhile ? Or are they just marketing/hype and cosmetic?

Also, what about the "bike covers". (covers that shield the bike from splattering bugs) Do they reduce gas mileage enough that one would notice ?

Any other pros/cons that I might want to consider for the Fairings & Bike Covers ?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
Fairings and bike coversKEN2
Jan 2, 2002 2:05 PM
Well, I don't track my gas mileage that closely. I have a Camry and finally added a fairing last year. It does reduce road noise down to where I don't mind leaving the rack on all the time (used to take it off during the week).

I also have three Performance bike covers and again, don't know if they reduce gas mileage, but in the summer they sure keep the bikes clean. Mind you, I don't use them around town but when I take a road trip there are bug splats all over the car and the bike covers but only a few on the pedals and rims of the bikes.
Agreenee Spoke Wrench
Jan 2, 2002 5:07 PM
My experience almost perfectly matches Ken's.

My wife and daughter took a highway trip with no fairing on a Thule roof rack system and couldn't even hear the radio. The rack with fairing is so quite that we havn't had it off of the car for several years.

Same thing goes for our B-string. I don't bother for short trips around town, but I definitely recommend using one on the highway. I was surprised at how yucky it gets after a highway trip.

I have no idea of how either affects our gas mileage. The only time I checked, our Saturn sedan with a tandem with B-string on the roof, scored 29 MPG with the cruise set at 70 MPH for a 400 mile interstate highway trip. I can't imagine it's costing us too much in gas mileage.