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illegal Litespeed Ultimate?(6 posts)

illegal Litespeed Ultimate?monkey mlik
Jan 2, 2002 9:32 AM
I heard that a LS Ultimate was deemed illegal by the UCI. IF so what year and why?
re: illegal Litespeed Ultimate?TJeanloz
Jan 2, 2002 10:48 AM
It wasn't officially declared illegal- but it clearly did not comply with the new rules because of the old bent seat tube design. I believe they switched to the cut-out in 1997, so pre-1997 bikes are not currently UCI legal- though they were when they were built.
re: illegal Litespeed Ultimate?pmf1
Jan 2, 2002 10:54 AM
Nah, the cut-out was on the 2000 model year. I got a 1999 model real cheap in 2000 on close-out because of this. Beginning 2000, UCI rules stated that a bike had to have double diamond geometry. They also ruled out all kinds of other things like different size wheels on TT bikes. Originally, the seat tube was bent to shorten the chain say length. On the 2000 forward, LS uses a cut-out seat tube. They're the same geometry. 1999 was also the last year LS offered that bike in one cm increments.

I just use another bike when I race in Europe these days :}
It could have been 2000....TJeanloz
Jan 3, 2002 2:28 PM
Sometimes, I'm retarded and I guess at model years- it seemed like they'd been running that cutout longer than 2 years though...
re: illegal Litespeed Ultimate?monkey mlik
Jan 3, 2002 8:54 AM
I am a cat 2 rider planing on just racing in Canada and the U.S
nowhere in europe. So I shouldnt let this concern be an issue for buying the bike. The Thing is I have a chance to but a 3 year old LS with full DA, Kysrium wheels, Chris King HS, Grammo stem, Look HSC3 fork and other goodies If I can get it for a good price, should I go for it and not let this trival concern bother me?
Thanks for all you help.
re: illegal Litespeed Ultimate?Eric
Jan 3, 2002 6:44 PM
I would not worry. I too race in Canada and the US, and I see several "illegal" Ultimates in the US, and at least one in my area of Canada. The only time you might have a problem, perhaps, is at the Canadian nationals if a commissaire gets all bent out of shape (no pun intended).

Where do you live?