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Off to Hawaii and need some advice(11 posts)

Off to Hawaii and need some adviceMel Erickson
Jan 1, 2002 9:17 PM
Just booked a flight to Hawaii to visit my son for a week and a half in March. My wife and 19 year old daughter will also be coming with. We'll spend two nights on Maui and the rest of the time on the Big Island at my son's house south of Hilo. I'd like to get a couple of days of riding in but will not be taking bikes. Shoule I road or mountain bike. Where do I get bikes? Where should I ride? Your thoughts are, as always, welcome.
Rentals are not hard to find ...Humma Hah
Jan 1, 2002 9:32 PM
... I was on the Big Island in Dec 2000, and there are several shops that rent bikes in Kona, should be a similar number in Hilo.

We wanted to rent a tandem. There was exactly one available in Kona, turned out to already be reserved on the day we had available.

There may be some roadbikes available, but rigid MTBs are more common. MTB riding is not generally good on the Big Island, as the lava will shred tires. Road riding looked fair to good, lots of challenging hills, the roads a bit on the narrow side, and sometimes rough. You'll want to avoid heavy traffic.

Parts of the Big Island are gorgeous. Parts of it look a LOT like West Virginia (but that's pretty, too, in its own way).
Bring me. I'm freezing my A$$ off. nm :)raboboy
Jan 2, 2002 6:36 AM
re: Off to Hawaii and need some adviceDream plus
Jan 2, 2002 9:02 AM
I successfully rented a road bike in Kona. Don't know about Hilo though. The east side of the Island is pretty wet so I would imagine muddy rides offroad. The west side was rugged but dry until you went up in eleveation. There is lots of snorkeling and kayaking to do, and hiking in Volcanos Nat'l Park. Maybe you won't miss your ride too much.
On Maui, ride down Haleakala and then. . .js5280
Jan 2, 2002 9:22 AM
make a left at the T stop. That will take you out to Tedeschi Vineyards. Great ride both down the volcano and out to the vineyard. The ride out to the vineyards is rolling, but not killer, and goes downhill. The ride back is challenging because it's uphill back and rolling. Very scenic and little traffic. The tour at the vineyard is excellent and shouldn't be missed. You can almost imagine the huge parties with King Kamehameha and Cook that took place in the area. The wine (most of it pineapple based) is well, okay. Still, very scenic, romantic, and a great ride suitable for most beginners.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE, make sure it's not a guided tour where you have to stay in a group. Else you'll be stuck w/ Maude from Arkansas who hasn't ridden a bike since 63' and has a deathly fear of going over 10 mph. Make sure you can take off from the group and go at your own pace! The sunrise rides are very cool, but you'll be getting up at 2-3am in the morning in order to catch it.
On Maui, ride down Haleakala and then. . .Bender
Jan 2, 2002 11:35 AM
You can rent bikes on Maui at a place called South Maui Bikes (I think) in a town called Kihei (pronounced key-hey). The shop is located on the ground level of the tallest condo building around, I think it's around 5 stories (my in-laws live upstairs).

There is a bike path that heads up around the north end of the island that is very beautiful but beware of two hazards, wind and agressive drivers. The trades are always blowing in the islands and some places are downright nasty, factor in extra time for your rides. Most of the drivers are (on Maui) decent but there are a few knuckelheads that are always in a rush to get somewhere. The roads can go from smooth, wide, and safe to a pavrd goat path in relatively short distances. Be sure to ask someone in the shop about conditions, traffic, etc.

re: Off to Hawaii and need some adviceatomicwedgie
Jan 2, 2002 1:55 PM
I'm going to Oahu in March, and I'm considering renting a travel case from my lbs. They rent a case for $10 a day. Some airlines/airports charge a handling fee, but some do not even ask as long as the weight is not excessive.
Also while your on Maui, beware of the dengue fever outbreak on the east side of the island (Hana area).
$10.00 a day for a travel case........Len J
Jan 2, 2002 2:02 PM
I bought one for $90.00 frome crateworks that worked wonderfully shipping my bike back & forth to Alaska & I still have it for the next trip.

$10.00 a day for a travel case........Bender
Jan 2, 2002 10:29 PM
Also check out your local cycling club and see if they rent transportation cases. I rented one for $10 a week a few years back for a trip to Europe. The cool thing is that you know you will be riding a known quantity when you get to your destination (at the expence of dragging along a big- ass case through an airport). Another litte gem of knowledge is to tell the ticket agent that the case is full of 'trade show' materials to avoid the extra $50 (each way!) oversize baggage charge. This only works if a) there is not a big bicycle logo molded in to the outside of the case, and b) the agent does not ask you to open the case. With security concerns as they are, you will definetely be asked to open the case.

Hawaii - Home of extreme TriMultiman
Jan 3, 2002 7:44 AM
Both of these islands play host to some big races in the Triathlon calander. Hawaii is the home of the famed Ironman World Championships of which the Queen K highway is famed. I am sure you could replicate the ruite of the 112 mile bike leg. I have heard however that the taffic is not always that kind on cyclists and the wind out in the lava fields is famed for causing havoc among unspecting cyclists.

Maui entertains the ofroad triathletes with the world chapionships for xterra triathlon suggesting that there are some suitable mountbiking tracks.

$10.00 a day for a travel case........atomicwedgie
Jan 3, 2002 11:27 AM
This particular case was a hard sided reuseable and lockable case. Marketed by Sefras I think. Anyway it was a nice case. It also has wheels and pull handle. It's made with 3 foam panels to separtate wheels and other equipment from the bike.
I'm sure the guy I normally deal with would give me a better deal. But for now I have decided to leave my bike at home. I don't like to risk my bike. I think I'll just try to rent a bike while on Oahu. I know there are MTB's for rent and also comfort bikes.