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Carbon fiber stays(7 posts)

Carbon fiber staysDaveL
Jan 1, 2002 10:38 AM
Anyone have experience or information about how non-carbon frames with carbon fiber seat stays are working out? I've seen Fuji's Professional [al], Airborne's Manhattan Project[ti], and Gios' Carbon [ti]. There are surely others. What's the point in using two different frame materials. Is it a short-cut design? Why would one need to filter out vibration, etc, on a Ti frame for example? Is this a fad?
re: Carbon fiber staysmackgoo
Jan 1, 2002 11:48 AM
A couple of cycling plus's ago they had an article on just this. They concluded that there was no real performance advantage and it did simplify (read reduce the cost) of the production of the frame. Of course it does look pretty cool and it is probably here to stay.
re: Carbon fiber staysMe Dot Org
Jan 1, 2002 12:23 PM
Is a carbon fork better than a steel fork?

I've had a foco steel frame with Carve Carbon fiber stays for several months now (built by ).

My impression is that it is noticeable more comfortable than straight steel. That does not mean it's the end-all of design. I'm sure I could be happy with straight steel stays (I loved my Bianchi Veloce before I crashed it). Steel is more communicative, more lively. Carbon feels slightly more numb, but also more comfortable over rough roads.

The nice thing about carbon components mixed with other metals is that you can have custom geometry without having to make an entire mold as you would for a pure carbon bike. I also think pure carbon feels a little numb, and I like the mix of carbon and steel.

As to longevity, that's an unanswered question at this point. Time will tell.
You are about the only one here that has ridden one...Tig
Jan 1, 2002 1:08 PM
...unlike most or all of us who have not. Therefore, your opinion should be accepted with open ears. I'm sure there are frame makers out there who have not created a frame to make the best of this combination and are just jumping on the fad band wagon. Then there are those who rolled up their sleeves and realy tested and worked with the rest of the frame to see what works best with carbon stays. The problem is, we won't know who is on which side for a while. Like carbon forks, not all CF stay designs are created equal. I think they can have a great effect on a frame's ride and stiffness, if only applied well. I'll only know when I put on a few hundred miles on one.
re: Carbon fiber staysJoMa
Jan 1, 2002 1:18 PM
Bicycling mag has an article about carbon stays in their most recent issue. I Know, everyone hates Bicycling, but this article was more informative than most.

Their conclusion was that they can, depending on the frame, moderately improve the ride of an aluminum frame, or, moderately reduce the weight of a steel or ti frame while retaining ride the quality associated with those materials. No huge improvement either way. They look nice. Some seem to cost a lot more than similar frames made with all steel or all aluminum. Guess it's up to the buyer to decide if any improvement is worth the price.

re: Carbon fiber staysSharky
Jan 1, 2002 7:15 PM
I have them on a steel frame, about 800 miles so far. I think they are a fad so I had to try them. Putting carbon in the frame has to cut down on vibration, but in order to tell the differ you would have to ride the same frame without them. I dont seem to notice anything special but they look cool
re: Carbon fiber staysCharlie - Empire Cycle Craft
Jan 2, 2002 11:49 AM
As a builder of frames with carbon stays I feel I have a prtty good background to speak from. I build these carbon rear end frames out of all materials but mostly scandium. My experiances and thoughts are this: The ride is VERY slightly better, the weight is a LITTLE less and more than anything I found this bike to track better in the corners. So, if you are a crit racer this would be a good choice. Most of all I can not honestly say that there is a world of difference in the comfort aspect of the ride, just a little.

Charlie Weisel