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CA-AIDs riders, PLEASE read this(5 posts)

CA-AIDs riders, PLEASE read thisrider52
Dec 31, 2001 4:39 PM
I have a close friend and riding partner who has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. He is only 42 years old. His condition is very serious. Due to his treatment he cannot have any visitors so I am attempting to create a mulit media presentation that can be viewed on a laptop. Something to keep him going and motivate him to beat this disease. He lives to ride and has enjoyed the California AIDs ride for the past several years. If anyone has pictures from these rides that they could e-mail me it would greatly be appricated. Please not too many in one e-mail as my server may not accept a huge file. I'll take as many pictures as I can get as I plan do send him a program as often as I can. Thanks for your help. email to:
re: CA-AIDs riders, PLEASE read thisfirstrax
Dec 31, 2001 5:19 PM
I dont have any pictures but I admire what your doing. TNT ( might have some pictures and/or video of their leukemia rides. maybee he would like to see those.

Also, I have a pretty nice video lab. If you have any video (including movies) you would like put on cd-rom (viewable in windows media player or real player)so he can watch them on the notebook computer I would be more than happy to do so. I can convert VHS,DVD,Digital-8 and HI-8.

Good luck, Hope everything works out.
Check the Pallotta Teamworks Site...jtolleson
Dec 31, 2001 5:23 PM
Haven't they run this ride in the past (until this year?) My recollection is that they have GREAT photo collections from their events posted on their website. Might be a start.

If I'm wrong about Pallotta, just look for whatever the website is for the ride. Organizers probably even have huge #s of photos in digital form. And theirs will be decent quality!
re: CA-AIDs riders, PLEASE read thissnapdragen
Jan 1, 2002 7:14 PM

This is the url for the CAR7 photo gallery. Lots and lots of great pictures.

re: CA-AIDs riders, PLEASE read thisMe Dot Org
Jan 1, 2002 7:30 PM
There's a nice collection of CAR8 photos at: