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Spinning class question for training?(2 posts)

Spinning class question for training?Kirk
Dec 31, 2001 11:24 AM
My "program" for 2002, is to start base training from now (last week) thru the beginning of April (when I have the first race of 10 in my MTB series). I generally start intervals and increased intensity training etc. in March (one month prior to racing). This year I was going to do spinning classes starting in March. Can these be treated as interval trainning? If not what type of training would it be? Should I do the class earlier on (February) during the base period. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.

It depends on the instructor.Pack Meat
Dec 31, 2001 1:10 PM
My classes are mostly hard intervals. This time of year it's hard to cut back on the intensity without feeling that people will get bored with the workout. I think everybody understands after I explain that December and Jan isn't a very good time to be going super hard. In my opinion indoor cycling is better for intervals than riding outside because you can completely control your effort and you never have to stop for a stop sign.

I would start getting a solid base in now and start the hard intervals in the beginning of February depending on your development.