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paging Giant MCR 2 owners(7 posts)

paging Giant MCR 2 ownersfreaky franky
Dec 31, 2001 9:45 AM
just bought my first road bike, it's a "new to me" MCR 2 bike, came with 8 speed shimano 600 component group and spinergy rx rims.

would like to upgrade to 10 speed and triple chairing crank.

can it be done ?

re: paging Giant MCR 2 ownersDave Hickey
Dec 31, 2001 10:23 AM
Unless, you want to get new wheels, either keep your current 8 speed or upgrade to Shimano 9 speed. 10 speed is Campy and would require different rear hub. As for the triple, yes you can upgrade. It will require a triple crank with a longer bottom bracket and a new front derailleur. I'm not sure if Shimano 600 left STI shifter is compatable with a triple chainring.
nice looking bikelonefrontranger
Dec 31, 2001 11:55 AM
The "campy won't work with boutique wheels" bit is merely an urban legend. You can go 10-speed (Campy I assume) WITHOUT changing the hub. We have 3 sets of Mavic wheels in our Campy-only household - they all have Shimano splined freehub bodies and wear Mavic or Wheels cassettes, which have Shimano compatible receiver splines, but Campy compatible 10-speed cogs.

The left hand Shimano shifter lever, I am sorry to say, will not work with a triple. The right hand lever won't work with anything but 8-speed. To go from 8-speed to 10 speed, it will be much cheaper (in the end) for you to buy a complete 10-speed group - you will be able to sell the hubs, brakes and headset easily enough on the web. You'll come out way ahead this way, instead of trying to buy crank, BB, front and rear mech and shifters a la carte. Unless you can find a "racing triple upgrade package" - they do exist out there. Look for deals on the Internet, or year-end closeouts on Excel, CO Cyclist, et cetera.

My first real racing bike was one of the old Giant Cadex lugged c/f bikes. I saw the MCRs at the 1996 CABDA bike show, and thought they were incredibly cool. Too bad the reps were such jerks - at the time my shop was looking for something to fill their high-end road line, and we wound up going with Klein because the Giant guys didn't have the time of day to talk to me. I had planned to get a Giant TCR as a rain/TT bike at VeloSwap a couple months ago, but got a deal I couldn't refuse on a sweet aero frameset by a local builder.
Dec 31, 2001 12:15 PM
here's the website to get more info on the 10-spd cassette...
Just got an MCR FramesetBAi9302010
Jan 1, 2002 9:56 AM
I just bought an MCR frameset and I'm waiting for it to arrive.
re: websiteTelephone
Jan 1, 2002 10:03 AM
Or better yet, goto (parent company of American Classic) and look at their 10 speed campy compatible cassettes (for use on a shimano hub). Much cheaper than wheels mfg at $70 retail.
thanks guy'sfreaky franky
Jan 1, 2002 11:26 AM
got my sights on campagnolo record carbo shifters and rear deraileur an ti cog and chain as well as brakes., for front looking at zipp and other carbo cranks.

thanks for all the warm welcome and input, hope to see ya's outthere.

will ride pch from malibu to santa monica as soon as i get that triple crank.

here's my other ride, cannondale raven 4000sx with hanebrink g7 reduced to 4", grimeca magnesium rims and system 8 brakes, race face cranks/ race face ti bb/ r f downhill stem, sram 9.0sl drive train, time pedals, easton ct2 seat post and monkey lite handlebar., only 2 shimano parts xtr ti cassette and xtr front deraileur comes in at 27 1/2 pounds, yeap that's a selle italia Cappolini seat.