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how's your scatante airplane columb climber and anyone else(5 posts)

how's your scatante airplane columb climber and anyone elseishmael
Dec 31, 2001 9:24 AM
ive wasted alot of time looking for deals on this machine and it has by far come up as the best, as long as its not made by idiots...i wouldnt know a good weld from a bad but tracking and allignment i think i can figure out, how is light is is the color...and if you have a 54 could you do me a favor and measure the top tube and get its effective measurement, 90 degrees across c to c..i hope you are all enjoying seems unfair that it is so cheap, maybe it'll make the other companies come down or else they will explain why their frames cost so not sure i buy the romantic idea of italian craftsmen...sheldon brown said that he's seen better work from mechanical trek welders in some long as its light, wont break, and is aligned...smooth welds is an extra..
re: how's your scatante airplane columb climber and anyone elsecyclaholic
Dec 31, 2001 9:43 AM
Well, how do you think that can offer you an "Italian" bike at such a "super" price?

Read the small print in their ads. They are "moving the manufacturing out of priced Italy". What does that mean?

They are taking supposedly Italian tubing and having it welded together in Taiwan where the labor costs are much lower.

There is not a single "Italian craftsman" that works on a Scattante", unless you equip it with Campy components.

I am more Italian than a Scattante is.
Saw my first scanttante airplane at supergo last weekspookyload
Dec 31, 2001 11:23 PM
I was in Phoenix and went to their Chandler store for the big after xmas sale. Got some great deals in store(specialized team turbo tires for $15 and kestrel carbon mtn bars for $25). Anyways, I was very curios about the whole line of scattante frames. Of the 3 the airplane is by far the best. The carbon frame looks a little shaky, and one test ride in the parking lot confirmed that. You get what you pay for with it. Of course I am compaing that to my Kestrel 200 sci...maybe not a fair comparison. It was flexy as hell all over, and the fork rake seemed a bit off making the bike way overly stable. Great feeling cross bike though. As hard as they tried to make it look like a Calfee, it just isn't
The zonal looked decent, but I didn't take it for a ride. The blue color was pretty harsh, but the welds looked fine. I would compare the craftsmanship of the welds to a Specialized frame quality.
The airplane I did ride. It was a very nice bike. I would compare the ride to that of my friends Scapin Air P road frame which shares the same tubing. I know you Italian wanna be purests will crap over that, but it is true. The carbon seatstays are kind of gimmicky, but it was a nice feeling bike. The quality is very good like the zonal, and the yellow frame even looked nice. I particularly like the frames that were above a size 58, the top tube is crushed in on the sides giving it a cool look. Unfortunately you didn't make it to supergo because they had all the frames on sale from the 26-30 Dec.
looks just like the K2 MOD 5.0 check it out..David Ho
Jan 1, 2002 8:08 AM
I was on a group ridw riding next to a gut who had one and it looked just like the K2's.It has to be the same company building them for both companies because they are the same-the carbon stays are done exactly the same and the integrated headset fork etc.Check out the K2 website and look for yourself.
Very attentive!TaiwanJoe
Jan 1, 2002 6:19 PM
Some people are very smart and are catching on to what we are doing.

Here in Taiwan we are making many bicycles and giving them many different names. But the name doesn't matter, since they are all best bike you can buy.

I think it best to call "scattante" something else, like "taiwante", because I am very proud of that bike being made on our nice little island.

Why would you want bike made by Italians anyway? You know they are so hotheaded and they are always wanting higher salary for their work. They get mad over nothing big and they will take it out on your bike that you will have to pay much money for. Who needs that kind of headache anyway?

Our Taiwan welding machines are always happy and they do real good work every time.

Continue to buy scattante and impress your friends. Some of the metal probably was in Italy at one time in history so you can call it Italian and not tell lie.