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From Cannondale to titanium(4 posts)

From Cannondale to titaniumClueless
Dec 31, 2001 7:13 AM
Currently riding a CAAD3. Have always liked the lateral rigidity and light weight of Cannondale, but am thinking about looking for something "smoother." Which titanium frames will feel the least flexy? Would I be better off going with carbon or a CAAD6/CAAD7 with carbon fork, seatpost and bars?
re: From Cannondale to titaniummorey
Dec 31, 2001 7:39 AM
I have a CAAD6 which I chose over a Titanium frame. I have a Canny r4000si.
What's with stiffness dudes?tempete
Dec 31, 2001 8:19 AM
I'd say try to test ride a Merlin. They have many models and, contrary to other "ti frame company" they are different from one another.

There are not so many builders or tube variety... No matter what others will say.

My dream bike would be the Colnago TC1 (titane front and carbone rear)

Hey, what is the story with "stiffness"? Titan can be as stiff as Alu, Alu can be as smooth as Titan... Design and tube choice is more important than material.... (And yes, I know how a flexy bike feels...)
re: From Cannondale to titaniumCT1 Guy
Jan 1, 2002 9:42 AM
I've owned steel, 'dales, carbon, aluminium, both mine and the many that I built in a bike shop and would emphatically say that my current CT1 is the smoothest and best handling bike I've ever ridden. I'm a small, light rider and to compare the bone-jarring ride of a Cannondale or virtually any overbuilt aluminum frames only tells me one thing - you guys have never ridden anything else to make the comparison.
I've still got a 'dale 3.0 built up in my garage as a winter hack to which I've had to fit a USE suspension post as the thing is just so uncomfortable. 2 hours are just about tolerable and yet I can ride the CT1 for 6 hours plus with no discomfort.
The acid test - a 50mph decent - that'll soon sort you out as you'll be grabbing handfuls of brake as those aluminum forks shimmy all over the place.