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Best layers to wear for winter riding(2 posts)

Best layers to wear for winter ridingBill RHIT
Dec 30, 2001 12:47 PM
I am just curious as to what is the best way to layer up for riding in the winter. I have fleece, insulated underclothes, tights, jerseys, etc.... I am just wondering on what is the best combination to keep you warm but comfortable. Thanks.
Let me just say this:guido
Dec 30, 2001 9:06 PM
The posts above cover winter clothing very well.

A general comment: layer a knit like wool or polypro against the skin, not cotton. Cotton absorbs sweat, then stops retaining body heat. Cover the lofty inner layer with a denser weave, like nylon or Gore-Tex, or even dense cotton. The loft of the inner layer will form a layer of warm body heat underneath the outer layer, which protects you from the wind.

Cap the head. A surprisingly large percentage of body heat escapes from the top of the head, like a chimney. Stop the flow and your whole body will stay warm. That's why old ladies in English houses with no central heat always wore little caps.

An of course you have to keep the extremities insulated, because they don't retain much heat: toes, fingers, ears.

Lots of different combinations work fine, and can be tuned to temperature, humidity, cloud cover, sun, etc. Do whatever works. Don't worry about making a fashion statement.