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The new phonebooks are here!!!(8 posts)

The new phonebooks are here!!!Akirasho
Dec 30, 2001 12:24 PM
The new phonebooks are here!!!

Well, not exactly, but it is one of my favorite lines from that classic exercise in stoopidity "The Jerk"... so it's with the same childlike glee (or my audition tape for the lead role as village idiot) that I present to you my "new" website.

It's main focus will be cycling related and while it's very rough, very sparse and incomplete at the moment, I hope to add useful content over time, so please take a look. Who knows, maybe someday they'll call me Sheldon Jr... naaah.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Dec 30, 2001 1:08 PM
Wow your site is really nice. I love all the bikes you have, especially your 3 TT bikes. Your garage is awesome with all the bikes hanging up and stuff. Good stuff. Can't wait to see it updated again.

i've finally decided...merckx56
Dec 30, 2001 2:55 PM
at 31 years old, i have finally decided what i want to be when i grow! most shops worth their weight don't have a setup like that! and i thought my bike room was cool...
That Groucho Marx quote...guido
Dec 30, 2001 9:40 PM
My friend just told me this afternoon! Small world.

Your shop looks like the pix of Eric Zabel's in a recent issue of Cycle Sport, except all he had were a bunch of Pinarellos given to him by his team. Your stuff is more interesting. Dig the wingnuts on that front wheel. I wonder if Sheldon has anything to say about wingnuts, the first "quick release."

Well, I've got a corner of my garage dedicated to bike maintenance. Its always a labor of love. Hate to work on my car anymore. Bikes are so elegant in their simplicity.

Keep us posted! Stay stoked!
... yeah, I saw that issue...Akirasho
Dec 31, 2001 5:23 AM
... most notably missing from my version are the jerseys, trophys and medals... along with the "free" swag!

Those wingies are an inexpensive plastic type, and in today's litigious society, would be a lawyer's dream! The rear was still a bolt through axle. The bike also came equipped with a version of a brake quick release which I thought was "cool" back in the mid seventies...

It helps to have a spot to wrench on... and the tools to do so. I still need a shop wrench for a few things (and it helps to grease the wheels, so to speak...) but have the tools for most every need (from cone wrench to headset press).

Yes, there is an "Elegance" about them and their efficiency... especially in such an automotive dominated culture as in the US... give me that road less travelled!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Dec 30, 2001 9:47 PM
I knew you had a room full of bikes, but I didn't know you were a railroad buff. I come from a railroad family, and my dad is still a freight conductor with the Union Pacific. Actually, he still thinks of himself as a Southern Pacific guy and has a hard time dealing with the fact that the company doesn't exist any more. My grandfathers were on the same Southern Pacific crew in the late 50s and early 60s, which is how my parents met. My great-grandfather was with the Burlington Northern in Nebraska. I'll look forward to seeing more train shots.
Dec 31, 2001 5:09 AM
... yup... Some of my earliest memories are of my Dad and me playing with a figure 8 Lionel...

Ironically, one of the local multis that I use was once a rail line that paralleled a local highway. When I was young, we'd sometimes get my Mom to "race" the train (still a few steamers back then) to the next town. Who'd a thunk that 40 years later, I'd be riding a bike there!

Your family history is probably rich with stories before the big declines and bankruptcies of the sixties, mergers of the seventies, consolidations of the eighties, and mega mergers of the nineties. All those fallen flags.

When I visit my sister, I still get a kick out of going by rail and gliding along the Northeast Corridor a bit...

Locally, we've only got two major players, Norfolk and Southern and CSX ((both the products of major consolidations and mergers) and this is after they divided Conrail), but occasionally see exotic visitors and multi unit lashups (rare for the water level routes for mainlines here).

Part of my local ride route parallels these two mainlines for about 15 miles... sometimes, when the mood and the winds are right, I'll try to race a drag up the valley (I almost won once!!!)

Alas, I had a layout in the basement, but it had to go to make room for the bikes... perhaps when I retire (still have tons of HO scale rolling stock waiting in the wings)...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Can I please borrow your shop?Tig
Dec 31, 2001 1:37 PM
Well, the bikes are all too large, so I'll have to settle with the shop! Nice collection. I once owned 5 (2 road, 1 track, 2 MTB) and thought I was excessive!

Let us know when you have any major site updates. Keep up the good work.