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Cold feet, Northwave winter shoe question.(4 posts)

Cold feet, Northwave winter shoe question.High Gear
Dec 30, 2001 4:05 AM
Anyone using the Northwave winter road shoe? My Northwave Evolution's W/booties aren't keeping me warm enough. They are a tight fit with light socks never mind thicker wool ones. I plan to go one size up unless they are sized bigger for a thicker sock. Anyone using this shoe?
work fineDog
Dec 30, 2001 5:16 PM
I wear mine all the time with wool (DeFeet Polar Boolies or Woolie Boolies?) socks, and never get cold feet. Of course, it's rarely below 40 here, but I did do a long ride that was in the 30's, and still ok. I think part of the secret, though, is to keep your whole legs warm, so the blood isn't cooled before it gets to your feet. Also, don't get them too small. You'll want room to move your toes around.

They are very water resistant, too. Not water proof, as I found out riding like a 10 year old through 4 inch deep puddles at full speed.

re: Cold feet, Northwave winter shoe question.jport
Dec 30, 2001 8:03 PM
road this morning 7 degrees and snowing....feet were about the only part of my body that wasn't freezing...just regular cycling socks too...they're GREAT!!!
Thanks guys, I'm going to up to Belmont Wheelworks to-High Gear
Dec 31, 2001 2:48 AM
check them out today!