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Giant OCR 2(3 posts)

Giant OCR 2lilgeerts72
Dec 29, 2001 8:05 AM
i have been looking at bicycles for quite some time now, pretty common when buying your first bike i imagine. i am leaning towards the giant ocr 2 as of late. the main thing is the price, it is comparable to the other two bikes i was looking at but $200-$300 cheaper. i am told that the frame is the same as the three or four level giants up, your just paying for wheelsets and a better components group. i want to buy this bike new because i am starting from scratch so i want to be able to deal on things like a helmet or shoes after i buy the bike. also, they do all adjustments and truings for free which is a plus for me who doesn't know how to do any of that. i am just looking for input on any of this, i don't want to make mistake with that kind of money. thanks.
re: Giant OCR 2Blue 'Goose
Jan 2, 2002 7:16 AM
The OCR2 has a Shimano Sora grouppo - I believe the only
real disadvantage there is shifting from the drops will be
difficult. Or so I'm told.

If the frame is the same as the OCR1 (about $1100 U.S. from the dealer I talked to with 27 speed Shimano 105 grouppo) you could do worse since you have a frame that you can upgrade.

The same dealer I spoke to was selling the TCR2 which is 105 all the way for the same price.

Not sure of the price of the OCR2 but I saw the OCR3 for around $525 USD per a user of the web board
around 10/6/2001.

Hope that helps and good luck!
re: Giant OCR 2astrobiker
Jan 4, 2002 2:47 PM
I have the OCR1. Just got it at Thanksgiving and am very happy with it. I am a new rider, so not much to compare it to, but I have put 400 miles on it in December, and it feels great to me. As you say, it was a let more bike for the money than other comperable bikes - go for it!