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Some Of Us Are Pretty Pathetic And Im Embarrased For You!(29 posts)

Some Of Us Are Pretty Pathetic And Im Embarrased For You!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 29, 2001 6:06 AM
Ive been posting here for a little while now and on the most part everything and everyone has been pretty cool..but on my last post I put up about changing over from campy to shimano things got pretty childish...I'm not worried about the people telling me im an idiot for going to shimano...I can handle that no problem...I even kind of enjoy a nice disscusion about whats better...BUT If you goto my post that says "shimano update...campy fans beware" Youll see what I am talking about....I cant actually beleive that my post started that kind of childish bickering...the sad thing was that it wasnt even about how im so stupid as to go from campy to shimano...It just seemed like personal attacks on each other! What gives? Not for nothing plenty of people just torched me for the switch to the darkside but Im not out for blood now...It all in good fun people....take it with a grain of salt...let it roll off your back....its no big thing....were all friends here! Damn, listent to me...i sound like a preacher now! =) isnt it bad enough i switched to I gotta go preach about being kind to each other!!!
what is this world coming to?!?!
well anyways, lets all play nice or else!!!!
im out to try out my shimano stuff....ill let ya know how it works out! =)
stay stoked!
I was just jokinggrandemamou
Dec 29, 2001 6:37 AM
It did go a little too far with some people posting pictures and getting personal.

I really do have a Shimano equipped bike that I keep out back in a shed. A couple of days ago I loaned a buddy a pair of pedals and he was shocked to see a Shimano equipped bike. In my local club we are always going back and forth between S&C it's just friendly banter.

I really did mean for you to enjoy your new toy. I am curious how it holds up. Mine is 105 and I know it's bottom end but mine did not hold up well.
Rather nicely put!The Conductor
Dec 29, 2001 6:39 AM
For real! Me myself have gone from Campy to Shimo, and are now swithing back to Campy again. They are both as good, it's all about estethics and ergonomics. There's no use wasting energy on arguments about which one is the best!
However, you can't beat the Ergopowers when shifting gears whith the hands in the drops! ;)

If you took a walk around Interbike 2001Bernie
Dec 29, 2001 7:43 AM
the answer to which is better (campy or shimano) would not be so clear. But what was very evident is that Shimano has it's fingers on the industry volume knob.

Biking is an insular sport. I could give a rat's ass about what you think as long as I'm happy. Fighting is for kids..

One other thing I noticed at Interbike 2001 is that the Thomson stem (Thomson with no "p" in it's spelling) is the stem to have. They were everywhere.
re: Some Of Us Are Pretty Pathetic And Im Embarrased For You!kittenbreath
Dec 29, 2001 8:47 AM
well, this is why 80% of roadbikers suck..they are more interested in talking/arguing about components or other irrelevant things instead of just "f"ing riding their bikes...i have found that they are pathetic, and they usually talk a lot of shit...and they suck and can't climb, because they spend too much time "discussing" items about roadbiking and eating as if they burn 6000 calories a day, so they are usually obese....shut up and ride and who gives a rats ass about components and how fast you are?
re: Some Of Us Are Pretty Pathetic And Im Embarrased For You!mackgoo
Dec 29, 2001 9:30 AM
Oh boy I'm getting hungry. Anyone have that book 100 ways to cook a cat? I figure kitten will just make the dish's more tender. After all It's noon and I've only eaten around 4000 calories and I'm going to be hungry after my ride today. It's 35 deg it's gonna feel like summer.
Oh yeah half the reason I'm building a cross bike is so I can put those pathetic mountain bikers in their place. The other reason is so I can continue to ride.
Since "80% of roadies suck"Kerry Irons
Dec 29, 2001 5:53 PM
It seems pretty stupid of you to spend any time on this forum. Perhaps it would be best if you simply split.
Yup. Don't let the door hit ya in the booty on the way outjtolleson
Dec 29, 2001 6:19 PM
God forbid that folks might think critically about the quality, manufacturer, and makeup of things they spend thousands of miles on at high speed. That's just us silly roadies. And of course we ONLY talk about it. We never REALLY ride.

Thanks for clearing that up, jackass.
When does Jr. High resume classes?bike_junkie
Dec 29, 2001 6:56 PM
Like you've met 80% of roadies, turd boy. Go back to mtbr, you'll fit in better over there with your drivel...
DA is Greattttttttttttt!coonass
Dec 29, 2001 8:50 AM
You can't let these guys get to you, they've got 'cabin fever' and the frustration was obviously vented on Shimano. However, I've got Record10 on one bike and DA on the personal choice for a smooth, positve shifting, and quiet (the rear R10 hub will wake the dead on a 'coast'--while the DA hub is virtually silent) is the DA group. The DA group shifts so easy and positive, that you are almost in doubt that such little effort did move the deraileur. The 'hoopla' about thumb-shifting is nothing to brag about...afterall, if it weren't for Shimano, we'd still be using down-tube shifters, not to mention all the other innovations by Shimano to biking...There will always be Shimano vs. Campy; Steel vs. Alum. vs. Ti vs. Carbon; Democrat vs. Republican....Enjoy YOUR ride...
Here's hoping that everyone will have at least 3500 miles for 2002!
Grandemamou Isnt the enemy! =)BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 29, 2001 9:10 AM
No worries grand...this post totally wasnt directed at you whatsoever! I dont mind the banter and nit picking back and forth....thats was the other 2 that were posting the pics and really going over the point was that they werent even posting anything relevent to my disscusion. Anyhow...thats old news =) no need to dwell!
well I just got back from testing out the ultegra stuff. Ive got great news and terrible news!
the great news is that I think the shimano stuff works awesome...I couldnt believe how smooth and quiet it works....the shifts were instantaneous! The terrible news is that when I jumped out of the saddle to sprint the chain snapped for some odd reason. So now from what I can see I have a huge gash in my frame...I havent even looked at the chainrings...cassette or rims to see what was almost scared to look! =(
oh well...what can ya do...time to throw on some dirty clothes and go wrench a little! =)
Besides my chain problem Im digging the shimano...but ill decide if im gunna keep it after i see how it works with about 3000 miles on it =)
stay stoked everyone!
happy new year
we should all be glad to have such great choicesTig
Dec 29, 2001 10:11 AM
Look back at some older groupo's of the past and it is easy to appreciate what we have now, no matter what name it has on it. Having ridden both Campy and Shimano, and even mixed them on the same bike, I have no complete preference for one or the other. It's all good stuff, just different!
Cycling is a strange little cult...DINOSAUR
Dec 29, 2001 11:35 AM
I've found that a reverse effect occurs the longer you are into the sport. You learn that frame material really isn't that important, your frame selection should be based on fit and geometry, Campy and Shimano is a matter of preference and depends a lot on what your LBS pushes. A good set of wheels will last for a long time but make sure that the hubs have been around for awhile and the parts are available. Finding the right saddle is like locating the holy grail, shoes should fit and accomodate your pedal system without the use of adaptors, helmets should fit your head and are not meant to be a fashion statement, plan of forking over some good money for a winter jacket as the inexpensive ones don't work, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a cyclocomputer, just get one that does the basic stuff, buy a couple of new jerseys and shorts each year and build your wardrobe and you cycling cloths will last a long time, you don't need a bunch of tools to carry with you on a ride, just a couple of hex wrenches and an extra tube. I could go on but a lot of what we ride and wear is based on marketing. We should be more concerned about the ride. However cycling is a strange little cult and folks tend to let themselves think that they know everything, when in essense most of us (myself included) don't know a hill of beans, if we did we wouldn't be spending time on an internet cycling forum we would be writing books or have our own websites. I think the main reason forums like this exist is for motivational purposes. We should be concerned about the ride not Campy vs Shimano. It comes down to how much you want to spend, as the inexpensive stuff works just as well. And lastly; no matter what you say someone is bound to disagree with you, which is fine, but let's try to do it in a civil manner with respect for each other.
There is wisdom of the head and...a wisdom of the heart.
Charles Dickens
Cycling is a strange little cult...cycleguy
Dec 30, 2001 7:43 AM
Fit geometry, works good. And all this time I bought my bikes just because they looked great!
Cycling is a strange little cult...DINOSAUR
Dec 30, 2001 1:08 PM
Looking great counts also, you gotta have that pull from the heartstrings that makes you want a certain bike. I sort of base everything I do on gut feelings, which kind of throws everything I mentioned out the window...My gut feeling now is I wish it would stop raining so I could ride...
there room in the world for (at least) 2 component companiesDaveG
Dec 29, 2001 2:23 PM
It does get pretty religious for some unknown reason. Would anyone really wish for a world with one company making road components? Is that a good thing? Pick whichever one you want and be happy with it cause they both make terrific stuff; just be thankful there's some competition keeping things honest. While we are at it bring on another company.
Without a doubtwalter
Dec 29, 2001 3:25 PM
I started riding roadies in the mid-late 70s and while technology has jumped ahead by leaps and bounds the demise of so many component makers is not an improvement. I refer specifically to SunTour who, back in the friction shifting day, provided the most bang for the buck. When building a bike thru the later 1980s you had at least 3 choices for components and really 4 since Mavic had a much wider line too. Not to mention Huret and some others...

Such competition would surely be good for our wallets and our bikes too. 2 companies is not really competition in an economic sense.
have to agreegrandemamou
Dec 29, 2001 4:49 PM
My first bike had a Simplex drive train, My second had a Zeus Super Chronos drive train. I wish we did have more choices.

I remember Mailard,Zeus,Weinmann,Wolber,CLB,Huret,Simplex,Ofmega all have gone by the wayside. S&C have done there darndest to keep other players out by making their own systems "virtually" incompatable with each other and other systems. If you try to break in you get sued for copy right infringement. Witness Mavic's crank that was pulle from the market.I know that you can cobb together a workable system using both but in the old days it was simply a matter of swapping out say Simplex shifters for Campy. There were 4 or 5 companies making only free wheels.

Don't get me wrong I would not want to change My Ergo's for friction downtube shifters but too wish we had more choices.
Dec 29, 2001 6:06 PM
I wasn't a huge SunTour fan but still enjoyed their better prices and some features, like grease ports for the hubs and bottom brackets for the MTB group and the independant brake lever and shifter possibility. I ran it on a Serotta MTB and though it wasn't XTR, it was at least Deore XT level. I also used their track group, which was much cheaper yet at or above the offerings from the Big Two.
SunTour... me too!!Djudd
Dec 29, 2001 6:24 PM
I am huge SunTour fan, Superbe Pro is on my B'stone I bought about ten years ago. It is very reliable and smooth, smooth, smooth. Quality componentry is a matter of personal preference. Anyone can like a particular gruppo for any reason and get along fine. Or become obsessed with a certain piece...I have a friend who become obsessed with Delta brakes after I bought some from Ebay for a project. He now has four complete sets and only three bikes. Go figure
aha, the dark side is revealed!!! ;)lonefrontranger
Dec 29, 2001 8:15 PM
Why do you think I lurk a lot, post very little and am gone for weeks at a time? I genuinely enjoy many of the RBR topics and personalities. Will agree that there is the typical Internet sampling of the trite, distasteful, ignorant, asinine, or merely pathetic. If all of life is chocolate cake, how does one understand that brussels sprouts are truly disgusting?

The weather's been just too nice here lately for me to surf. Went for a MTB ride today with some buddies that turned into an inadvertent moonlit epic death cruise (late start, minor navigational error, further compounded by 2 flats and a dropped pair of glasses). Amazing how you develop complete and total lack of fear and common sense when riding trails w/o lights at night. I'll admit that personally the wind chill and thoughts of mtn. lions dropping from the trees were motivating factors to cheese it back to a warm van and then an even warmer pub! This is now the 2nd time I've been stuck on the wrong side of a ridge with no lights after sunset. This time was actually pretty tame. The Colorado foothills with a bit of snow, on a familiar trail, under a full moon got NOTHING on being FUBAR lost in the (pitch) Black Forest with a bunch of Teutonic he-man crazies.

Enjoy your new Shimano stuff. Shimano got me through a lot of lean years, and it works great. I confess to a personal ergonomic preference for the Campy stuff, but then I'll certainly be p*ssed the first time I wad it up in a crit and booger up those nifty black Record carbon levers. There's something to be said about exploding a $5 secondhand 105 rear mech in a filthy 'cross race, then chucking it out with next week's garbage and no regrets.

Always remember:

>"...arguing on the Internet is like playing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded"

Ride on!
Too Funny!SSgt Jeremy in Germany
Dec 30, 2001 5:52 AM
Always remember:

"...arguing on the Internet is like playing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded"

That was just too funny, not politically correct but funny as hell!
I remeber you....CT1
Dec 30, 2001 5:32 PM
What bike did you end up with..... I remember you asking lots of questions about a year ago or so. ???

good rides...... or are you still riding??? Germany, wasen't it???

can't take creditlonefrontranger
Dec 30, 2001 7:10 PM
yes, very PIC statement, you're welcome. I picked it up from, probably one of the more PIC sites on the web. Their Photoshop threads are a good source of laughs for the thick-skinned.

Where are you stationed in Germany? I lived in Hamburg for much of '94, and still have friends in Heilbronn.

Hey..dont pick fun cause Im a retard!!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 30, 2001 8:18 AM
thats too funny =)
Time will have to tell how the ultegra stuff shifts a lot lighter feeling than campy but maybe thats cause its so quiet...i dunno. It sure is a lot cheaper to buy parts for...which is always nice =)
lucky for you the weather has been in the northeast its been pretty cold...gotta love numb toes and fingers 10 miles into an endurance ride =)
oh well =)
thanks for the good story and stay stoked!!!
too funny comment..... and lighter shifting issueCT1
Dec 30, 2001 3:41 PM
Gotta agree.... that' a killer quote!!! I've gone down that road a couple of times myself and always feel like a bigger putz than I already am once I get too deap to recover. LFR.... I gotta scold you..... your big kitty comment might come true if you aren't careful. Please take lights next time..... we'de miss ya!~

OK.... hears an interesting observation about Campy shifting. My Chorus equiped bike shifts like butter.... super fast and super quite. My Record bike shifts like a stiff old POS..... I haven't looked into the "causes" but I suspect it might be a cable issue. Just my simple observation.

good rides and Happy New Year to you all!!

I was scolding myself (the whole story):lonefrontranger
Dec 30, 2001 8:12 PM
I don't do these sorts of silly stunts on purpose, and next time I'll take lights no matter what the others say. We knew we'd left it pretty late, and would have taken lights had we planned on being out more than an hour. The trail in question is a "quick-strike" loop, fairly easy riding in the northern foothills near Boulder. There are signs warning of mountain lion activity, and they've been sighted, but we figured that a half-dozen noisy mountain bikers would cause any cat to keep it's distance.

Even the best-laid plans come to naught. A couple of visiting flatlanders had some trouble with the early pace, as it's about 1500 feet of climbing to the top of the loop, so we had to stop several times due to lack of oxygen related issues. There's one section up on top of the ridge with lots of loose, sharp stones. Our leader got a flat there and in the haste to change it (and the oncoming twilight) didn't realize there was a rip in the tire. We encouraged everyone to stick together because of the worry of losing someone in the dark and/or mtn. lions. In the confusion surrounding the flat, someone laid their glasses down, and didn't realize it until a mile or so down the trail. Five minutes of debate later, back we all went up to the top and found the glasses, at the expense of a second flat (he found and booted the rip this time).

At the next intersection, one of my buddies said "I think this is a shortcut back to the parking lot" (oh, lord - the dreaded s-word!). The sun was now down, and it was getting really dark. So after another debate, during which all light failed us except the rising, and fortunately full moon, we all went down the 'shortcut', only to discover it dead-ended into private land near the bottom of the wrong side of the ridge.

Back we all trudged up the trail, about 2 miles of steady climbing, and although it wasn't terribly steep, the poor flatlanders were knackered by the time we crested. Now everyone was tired, drenched in sweat, facing a long, dark descent, and the temperature was rapidly dropping into the teens. Fortunately it wasn't windy, but it was damn cold going down. We had to stop a couple more times for folks to don more clothing, and the leader and his out-of-town guests were crawling down the trail at about 3mph. We kept getting ahead, then having to stop and wait, and tempers were growing short.

My two buddies and I asked the rest if they wouldn't mind if we took off a bit faster. After some more debate it was decided that we were freezing our keisters off. They agreed we should go on - so we took off at a fair but not blistering pace. Only one crash (not me) and one slight misdirection (I missed a switchback but rode it out) and we made it back in plenty of time to have my Grand Caravan toasty warm for everyone to pile in. The leader and his hapless charges showed up many minutes behind us. Fear and loathing was subsequently banished by my detour into a favorite pub (Singletrack on tap, a good-sized fireplace, and great food). Looking back, it was actually a very fun ride - no blood no foul as they say. Those two flatlanders have a good story to tell their ride buddies when they get home!

As for the Record shifters, make sure you use Campy shifter cables and lube them up properly. If you're using Teflon cables, sometimes the sleeves break down and become like Velcro. Record also will shift very stiff at first, but get smoother in time. If they're more than a month old, then either your cables are worn or the shifters themselves might need a quick shot of lube. Often it's not shifter related at all. My Klein MTB develops major shifting issues if I don't replace the stupid internal-cable-routing plastic sleeves once a year (again, they get like Velcro inside).

The only difficulty I ever had with Shimano shifters was that they will invariably seize up after a wet, grimy ride or muddy 'cross race. It's a good idea to pull back the hood shrouds and flush out the mechanisms with Tri-Flow or similar after any rain ride.

God, what a great place to ride....CT1
Dec 30, 2001 10:27 PM
I'm soooo jealous!

Yeah, I haven't used my Record equiped TCR very much. Maybe 300 miles max.... so maybe it's a break-in thing. I'll try it again tomorrow and see how it feels.

Good rides..... and remember to take survival gear (space blankies, etc.) if you're in the mountains. If someone has a major breakdown or injury you might be in a world of hurt this time of year.

good rides
shimano is turning you into a better person...colker
Dec 30, 2001 3:43 AM
calm, reasonable and mature. since i switched to campy i became childish and hot tempered. while i had 105 i was humble and nice to everybody.