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Have you wondered where your USCF license fees go??(7 posts)

Have you wondered where your USCF license fees go??rollo tommassi
Dec 27, 2001 3:04 PM
Would love to hear what everyone thinks about the Nick Chenowth story in Velonews??
here in Calif the USCF is all but goneDog
Dec 27, 2001 3:48 PM
Lots of discussion about USCF vs. the NCNCA organizations here: Almost all the races in Ca. are NCNCA races:

The general feeling is that the USCF is out of touch, aloof, and really geared toward only the elite riders. Now we can add "corrupt" to the list?

Maybe in NorCal...bigrb
Dec 28, 2001 1:12 PM
Don't speak for the whole state. Almost all the races are USCF down here. By the way, should the governing body not be geared towards the elite? What is the point of developing grass roots racing if there is nothing for them to develop into?
I was intrigued with the story...Greg Taylor
Dec 28, 2001 6:13 AM
Chenworth's story has all of the classic elements of a white-collar crime: a "go getter" circumvents basic checks and controls on the spending of money in order to do a deal that will supposedly reap a big benefit for the company. Basically, his justification for falsifying the expense reports he submitted to EDS is that the company would get an big benefit from having Marty Nothstein affiliated with the company. Possibly true, but it doesn't justify unauthorized "back door" payments to Nothstein, period. He admits to falsifying the expense reports, so EDS is rightfully exercised about that. EDS is also right to complain about the rather expensive stash of equipment that Chenworth and the EDS "team" were using for their own benefit and amusement. That Corima tandem that they are riding in the lead picture for the story is rather pricy...

I'm rather curious to know what Marty Nothstein was told about the payments that he was receiving. EDS apparently hasn't pursued an action to return the funds that were paid to him (bad publicity?) nor does it look like he was a target of the criminal prosecution, possibly in exchange for his cooperation.
Dec 28, 2001 6:36 AM
Yes, I agree. It often seems that criminals "justify" their actions; either they benefitted someone, or they have been shortchanged, so it's OK to even things up. Fortunately, the courts, as well as most reasonable people, don't see it that way.

Sometimes, right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no gray area - you cannot take money that does not belong to you, no matter the end result.

I was intrigued with the story...John-d
Dec 28, 2001 7:12 AM
Careful chaps, we are in public, it is interesting though.
Oh, I think that we're ok here....Greg Taylor
Dec 28, 2001 7:29 AM
...we're just discussing what's on the public record.