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Weyless/Supergo Fork issue! Advice needed(8 posts)

Weyless/Supergo Fork issue! Advice neededSpokeman
Dec 27, 2001 2:29 PM
Hi all,

I just need to vent a bit and get your opinions on something.

I bought a Weyless C/F fork with a 1" alu steerer about 6 weeks ago, mail order, from Supergo.

The fork looks nice and the build quality (from the outside) seemed pretty nice. I cut the steerer and put it on.

From the first ride I could tell this fork was not going to work, it's more flexy than the Bianchi all-carbon fork I had (the notoriously noodley Profile All-Carbon Fork). I have ridden it a few more times since, but it's just not a very good fork.

So yesterday I decided to call Supergo and ask about my options. I've been buying stuff from these guys for many, many years and have always been satisfied. I explained my situation and asked if I could send it back, and buy a better fork. I didn't want a refund.

Their answer was, "you installed it so it's used and we can't accept used merchandise." That's a bunch of BS, how can I tell how it is if I don't ride it? So I'm waiting to hear from a supervisor.

Am I wrong or out of line here? If these guys want to compete with Performance or other mass mail-order houses, they better get their customer service in line. I could see if it was not their brand, but since it's their product, you would think they would at least cut me some slack on this.

What do you folks think? Should I just suck it up or pursue it to the end? It really is a poor quality fork and I do not recommend it whatsoever.

Thanks for listening
I think your fate was sealed when you cut the steerer...DrD
Dec 27, 2001 3:40 PM
I would be shocked if anyone would take a fork which was not defective back once the steerer has been cut - the fork is really pretty useless to them now (can't really re-sell it for much of anything)

I think you still have a shot at getting your way, though, since it's a low-dollar item - try being really nice, and try to get them to want to help you out - loose your temper, even a little bit, and it's game over.
Dec 27, 2001 4:15 PM
Unless they had installed and f-ed up, your most likely screwed. Certain items are NO refund or exchange unless totally unmolested. Carbon (or any) forks run in this category. I do agree tho' that with some sweet talking you might be able to swing something. Try the manufacturer too, explain the situation and they MAY help you out.

Good luck, but you may be buying a new fork... Your right, the Profile all carbon is a noodle...
Look before you leap?Kerry Irons
Dec 27, 2001 4:32 PM
Did you buy this fork thinking it was comparable to a Time, Kestrel, etc. or did you buy it for the low price? I've never heard where people were praising Weyless/Supergo stuff, let alone their "no-name" fork. I probably sound harsh here, but I think that if you buy house brand stuff without some strong endorsement of its quality by a third party, then it's buyer beware. Add to the issue that you cut the fork, rendering it worthless to Supergo, and I think the only basis you have is "I've bought a lot of stuff from you and you should refund me on my mistake." If you're comfortable with this stand, feel free to push the issue.
re: Weyless/Supergo Fork issue! a little preachy...Akirasho
Dec 28, 2001 4:33 AM
... from Supergo's own site...

Merchandise can be returned for exchange or refund within 30 days of receipt. The merchandise must be returned new, unused, unaltered, not previously installed, and in a sellable condition with all of the original packaging. Used non-defective merchandise cannot be returned for exchange or refund. For your convenience, we also accept returns and exchanges of items purchased through at any of our retail locations.

For new unused returns/exchanges fill out the information on the back of your invoice and include the invoice, or copy, with your return.

Returns for merchandise over 30 days old or returns due to defects require a Return Authorization (RA) Number. Please contact Customer Service for an RA.

Returns due to some fault of Supergo will be reimbursed for all return shipping costs-UPS Ground or US Mail only. Express shipping charges will not be reimbursed. Returns that are not our fault are subject to restocking/handling fees plus shipping.

For questions regarding our return policy, please contact our Customer Service department at 800-326-BIKE, or e-mail us at

... the "feel" of a fork may be too subjective to warrant an exchange since that would depend on a lot of variables (weight of rider, type of bike, riding style, etc.) all of which would be nearly impossible to cover without creating a seperate company to assess returns on a case by case manner...

I'll admit to having bought many a component, frame and even entire bikes without any previous experience with said, or test rides... but pretty much understood (asked when necessary) and accepted the risks involved (makes for a fascinating spare parts bin). It's pretty much up to the discretion of Supergo...

Money is a fickle thing... it has no intrinsic value (a dollar's worth of anything is dependent on what the market will bear at that particular moment). Purchases are based on what we feel is an acceptable amount of hard earned "nothing" we're will to part with to own said... and thusly, worth is relative mainly to the individual's perceptions. That's a rather philosophical way of saying (and I realize that it's a generalization) you get what you pay for. Indeed, there may be plenty of satisfied users of this fork out there (or they just might not know any better) and their opinions on it's ride characteristics may be just as valid (in Supergo's defense).

I'm not trying to be too preachy, but I've been on both sides of the fence... and while I generally feel for the consumer... many problems arise from the age old business addage that "suggests" that "the customer is always right"... but we know better... a bit more "caveat emptor" is needed. The marketspeak that Supergo uses to describe the fork is pretty much standard fare for most products we purchase every day (few products are purchased after we study a thorough and completely independent evaluation). No "real" info is given 'cept that it's a CF fork with a 1 1/8 inch threadless 260mm alloy steerer with a 43mm rake, 500g nominal weight... and it's current price.

Lastly, barring the outcome that you want, your options are to use that hard earned nothing with another establishment in the future (I've had good service from Supergo)...

Good luck.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Now if the fork "broke"....ohio
Dec 28, 2001 8:32 AM
... depending on your morals and ethics, and ability to rationalize, you could "make the fork defective" with, say, two chairs and one good STOMP.

of course, that would make you a BAD BAD person. And if it didn't work you'd be stuck with a TRULY useless fork.
You've got to swallow the pillStarliner
Dec 28, 2001 8:51 AM
Unfortunately for you, when you cut the steerer, you also severed Supergo's responsibility to take it back, barring any overriding defect in the product other than it being a lousy fork.

Time to take responsibility, count it as a lesson learned, and move on. (BTW, maybe you misunderstood the meaning of 'Weyless' as "weigh less" rather than "way less")
Thanks folksSpokeman
Dec 28, 2001 9:47 AM
I'll just have to chalk it up to experience, I guess.

I didn't expect the fork to be top notch, but I didn't expect the POS I have either. I've bought their carbon seatpost and was very happy with it. I figured the fork would provide the same value.

On the positive side, I can have fun shopping for a new fork. :)