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Cheap Bell Cycle Computer(6 posts)

Cheap Bell Cycle ComputerCully
Dec 27, 2001 1:53 PM
Got a cheapy Bell cycle computer for Christmas, didn't come with directions, two holes in back for pin to program. Is anyone familar, can help me out? Thanks in advance!
re: Cheap Bell Cycle ComputerAinslie
Dec 28, 2001 8:25 AM
I have one of those. What you have to do is experiment with it (which takes all of five minutes) use a paperclip to hit the holes. One hole is the reset button. The other is like an enter button if I remember correctly. When you get it turned on some random numbers will appear at the bottom and change every 4 seconds or so. That is the wheel size ratio something or other so if you are on a road bike hit the "enter" button for the FIRST number before they start changing, if you mess up just hit the "reset" button, this may take a few tries to figure out which is "enter" and "reset." Next will be the option for miles or KM will pop up. This is another timing thing, hit "enter" while Miles is up or you will be riding in metric (which ain't so bad!) After that I believe you are done. It is very simple once you figure it out. It just takes some playing with. Oh, and also. I had some initial trouble getting the computer to turn on while riding, even though I knew it worked previously and everything was setup right. Here is the trick. Lick the two metal contact posts on the computer and slide it back onto the bracket, this will make a better connection. Give that a shot if that problem occurs. Sometimes it just comes on half way through the ride despite all you have done to get it turned on before. This is not to discourage you about its quality. It is a simple but sturdy little sucker, I dropped it in the middle of the road while riding and it was totally fine where something fancy might have gone schizo. I hope this helps, if not, sorry for wasting your time ;) let me know if all works out.
re: Cheap Bell Cycle ComputerCully
Dec 28, 2001 11:12 AM
Thanks Ainslie!
re: Cheap Bell Cycle Computerga
Dec 29, 2001 7:48 AM
Hate to be the tiding of bad news but this bell computer is a piece of crap. Bring it back, throw it away and buy something more reliable and easier to use
re: Cheap Bell Cycle ComputerAinslie
Dec 29, 2001 4:09 PM
I am sure everyone with bell computers is aware of their crappiness. But some of us (I am a poor college student) dont have $50 and up to get a decent computer so we settle for a crappy four function Kmart computer for the time being so we know how fast and how far we go. Which is all that really matters right? Hell I would love to get a flight deck or something but I like many of my poor peers simply settle for less just to have something at all! I know my Bell computer sucks ass but at least I know it gets the job done. Besides if my comp were too good then I may get confused and think I am in a car! And thats no fun at all is it? Sorry to razz you buddy, I don't mean to sound too defensive, I just get tired of people totally dismissing the cheap stuff that so many of us depend on to help us make a decision on whether or not the nicer more expensive version is worth our hard earned minimum wage bucks. I would have been pissed if I bought the cutout seat I wanted and not have it do the job right? So I tried the Target Greg LeMond cutout seat first to make sure. Embarrasing to have such a lousy seat on my bike? Yes, but I laugh about it with my friends, and then when I have $75 bucks to blow, I will be the first in line for a Trans Am seat. Well, that's my piece. So Cully, don't throw out your Bell computer, use it with pride. Love it, because that is all you have for now. And when you do get better, put the bell on another bike for a rainy day.
shop aroundga
Jan 1, 2002 5:32 AM
For the price you pay for the piece of crap Bell or KMART or whatever toy store you may be in...check what top brands are selling for low end computers. Just thumb through a performace catalog or Nashbar...they are always having a clearance or sell off. I understand budget and limits but why buy a inferior product when there are many choices within that price range.