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best place to buy replacement steel tubes & lugs?(3 posts)

best place to buy replacement steel tubes & lugs?slow-ron
Dec 26, 2001 3:55 PM
Looking to repair a damaged steel frame myself for a winter project. The rear seat stays and chain stays need replaced as well as the rear lug dropouts. (front triangle of the frame is perfect) Any ideas on who has the best prices & availabilty for individual buyers? Frame is made from columbus tubing but i'd be willing to replace it with reynolds or other manufacturers.

Dec 26, 2001 8:10 PM
Joe Bringheli is a great guy to deal with and he has the best prices. He distrubutes Dedacciai tubing which is very high grade stuff. You should be able to get a set of chainstays, seat stays and rear dropouts for $30 - $40 depending on what parts you pick. I recommend some of his socket style dropouts, they are very easy to assemble.

Another good source is Henry James. They have a nicer web site but the tubing and dropouts are more expensive.

Also, get on the framebuilders list and read the archives. It is a email forum for framebuilders and hobbiest. Many, many well respected builders post to this list. Just please read the archives first before posting.

Good luck.
Drop me a line with any questions. I'm a home builder with six frames under my belt. Far from expert but I can help you advoid some pitfalls.
You could also try contacting...MrCelloBoy
Dec 27, 2001 7:38 AM
Rivendell Bicycle Works in Walnut Creek, CA.
Their heavily into lugged steel!