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breathing from your stomach to get more oxygen intake(7 posts)

breathing from your stomach to get more oxygen intakeKman01
Dec 26, 2001 12:35 PM
I what to know how to breath from your stomach to get more oxygen intake into your lungs.
Do you push your stomach out followed by breathing in through you nose and mouth, do you exhale through your mouth or nose ????

Finally does this technique really work, and do you breath this way all the time while riding !!1 or just when the going gets tough .

Cheers Kman
I think it works.dzrider
Dec 26, 2001 1:11 PM
I force air out by contracting my stomach muscles then relax them and let air rush in. I do this for climbing or on my little time trials and find that I inhale/exhale less frequently without feeling like gasping than I do breathing more normally. I have theorized that it's not so much getting more air as it is inhaling and exhaling more quickly so that my lungs are full more of the time. This may or may not be right. I've been full of s#it before.

I'm not able to breathe this way for long periods of time.
Maybe I could, but it takes concentration I'd really rather think about other things.
Just when the going gets rough,guido
Dec 26, 2001 1:32 PM
and when my legs start screaming in pain, I breathe faster, trying to maintain as large a volume as possible. A couple of times, the people I rode with thought I was going to have a heart attack. I breathe in through nose, out through mouth and nose, but, like expanding stomach to max-out volume of intake, all this doesn't always work the closer I get to Lactate Threshold.

Practicing breathing, especially on climbs, is yet another game you can play. Sometimes it's difficult to co-ordinate it with the rhythm of the legs. Sometimes I stray from the optimum breathing rhythm. Not a good idea to practice deep, rapid breathing in cold air, either. Save these efforts for nice indian summer days.
some tricks from opera singer...Wagnerite
Dec 27, 2001 12:20 AM
breath deeply involves pushing down of the diaphram... Here is how you do it....

first you want to know where "deep" is:
just stand up and bend over... let your arm hang down loose
breath in... then out... completely out.
hold your breath, don't let any air in...
straighten yourself up slowly, still holding your breath and not letting any air in
once you're standing upright, raise your arms above your head.
remember, you're still holding your breath.
now, in your mind, count to 5, when you get to 5, just open your mouth, don't breath in, but don't block the air either.
you should notice that the air seem to go all the way down toward your pelvis area.
that's where "deep" is

to check if you're breathing "deep" put your hands on your back, right below your kidney... breath in withot raising your shoulder, you should feel your back expanding.

when you're on the bike, make sure your shoulders are not going up and down when you're breathing

third, when you're on the bike, make sure your chest is NOT expanding and contracting when you breath... what should be expanding is your stomach, not your chest.....However, you do want to keep your rib cage expanded so you can have breath extensions.

when you achieve the third point, you're breathing deeply and with your stomach (so to speak, b/c it's your lung pushing down on your diaphram, which in turn pushes your intestines, thus causing your stomach to expand.

the reason for breathing deep and not expanding the chest is b/c we have rib cages, and while they can open or expand to allow the lung to have more room, it's limited, therefore, you want your lung to expand downward while you are already expanding the ribcage.

i hope this make sense...
i pay $50 bucks an hour to hear this advice from my voice teacher
breath extensions... from tuba players..Wagnerite
Dec 27, 2001 12:25 AM
I've learned this trick from hanging around tuba players... who usually have beer around and tell better jokes then singers

take in a deep breath and hold it... expand your chest/ribcage and shrug (pull shoulder as close as you can to your ear)

now, for the first extension
without exhaling, breath IN again, this time, expanding your stomach.
this first extension should be really deep....

I have 3 or 4 extensions on a regular day, but on a good day i have 5 extensions.
some tuba players i know have 7-9 extensions.
reminds me of a baritone playerTig
Dec 27, 2001 11:57 AM
My brother played in the University of Houston marching band and had a friend named Mike who was a tuba and baritone player. Mike was also an expert belcher and a member of the rowdy part of the band that loved to drink beer. These guys could re-write any lyric into something funny and/or dirty. Anyway, Mikie could belch the ABC's or just about anything you can image, and do it so loudly it would hurt your ears! He later played with the Marine Corps band. I'm sure he had plenty of opportunity to expand his belching selections with them as well.

PS: My brother is a major Wagner fan. He even named his son "Tristan".
Wagner was a Wagner fanWagnerite
Dec 27, 2001 2:32 PM
he named his sons and daughters Tristan, Islolda and Siegfried.