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New Road Bike.... need some HELP!!!(17 posts)

New Road Bike.... need some HELP!!!Fireblade
Dec 26, 2001 4:54 AM
Hi all roadies,

I'll be getting the Colnago Dream soon and I need some help here as I'm still new to road biking(I'm a mountain biker). Ok, will there be a lot of differences between the 2001 and 2002 models esp. paintwork?(I just love the Dream paintwork!). Any other differences? What do u guys think of this frame? I'm planning to get either the Shimano 535 or Mavic Cosmic wheelset(these 2 wheelset is almost the same price). Is this wheelset ok? Reliable? Is it easily true(fewer spokes)? 535 is a bit lighter than the Cosmic. For now, it's gonna be Dream + Ultegra + 535 wheelset + ITM stuff. I'm hoping to get it below 19lb. Btw, I'm a small rider, standing at 158cm. Which size should I get? The 46.5, 47.5 or 48.5? Because my LBS doesn't have the sizes, it had to be ordered and I wanna make sure that I don't get the wrong size frame. I will get the Dream LX4 color. What's ur opinion on this color? I'm kinda particular when it comes to color.... :). Guess that's all for now... hope to get some feedback/opinions. Thanks in advance. Merry Chirstmas!!!

Get sized !!!!!coonass
Dec 26, 2001 6:13 AM
Why would you buy such a nice frame without knowing if it's going to fit you or not ???? IMHO, the top-tube length is just as important for a comfortable ride...if the LBS won't/can't size you properly, then go to a LBS that has a knowledgable staff because you are more than likely to be purchase a frame that is NOT going to be the right size for you and you will be stuck with a 'beautiful paint job' that you hate to ride..
Happy New Year!
good advice...C-40
Dec 26, 2001 3:31 PM
The variations between the three sizes mentioned don't amount to much. The smaller two actually have the same effective top tube length. The smallest has 5mm less head tube length.

Until you figure out how you are proportioned, there's no way to know if any of them will fit. In these small sizes Colnago uses steep seat tube angles that may not work well if you have long femurs. It's not unusual for someone with short legs to have unusual leg proportioning. Sometimes the majority of the leg's "shortness" is in the lower leg. If you're built like this, Colnago's steep seat tube angle would not be approriate.
need more info for size recCT1
Dec 26, 2001 6:31 AM
If you give us your "actual" inseam size that would help a lot with the sizing issue.

BTW: the very small Colnagos have VERY-VERY long TT's. They generally don't fit "normal" sized people. If you have a loooong torso then maybe.... ???

What is the size and manf of your current road bike??? Compare the "REAL" geometric size of your current bike to the Colnago and see how the #'s come out.

long top tubes????C-40
Dec 26, 2001 8:50 AM
CT1, you usually give good advice, but not this time. Colnago top tubes are rarely described as long. How do you figure?

A 55cm frame for instance, has a 54.3cm top tube with a 74 degree seat tube angle. It's effectively the same a Litespeed's 55.5cm top tube with 73 degree STA. The closest size Trek frame (56cm) also has the same geometry.

I'm definitely a short torso person at (almost) 5'-7" in height with an 83cm inseam. The 55cm Colnago fits me perfectly with a 110mm stem. A long torso person would typically be 2 inches taller than me, often with an inseam that's up to 3cm less. These guys don't fit the Colnago geometry well. I've seen many post from guys with these proportions that can't get a good fit without going custom.

In general, it's rare to find any brand of frame that varies much more than 1cm in TT length for a given size. The exceptions that do occur are generally at the extreme ends of the size range.
Here we go again!!!! (nm)Dave Hickey
Dec 26, 2001 9:41 AM
Oy.... VECT1
Dec 26, 2001 10:59 AM
I purposefully said very-very small sizes when making my comment. :) Your example is referring to a MUCH-MUCH taller person than someone who would typically ride a 46-50cm frame.

Colnago frames smaller than 52cm have increasingly LOOOOONG TT's when compared with others. Check the chart..... and factor in the VERY steep ST on the small Colnagos and you will see what I mean. I haven't run the #'s this morning but I remember that the "effective" TT length actually gets LONGER on very smallest of the Colnago frames. Very WEIRD!!! I wonder if shortish Italians have very short legs and proportionately longer torsos???? ;)

I'll check back later and see if I'm still in disagreement with you. :)

ride on
mostly in agreement...C-40
Dec 26, 2001 12:40 PM
Oops, missed the "very small" part of your comment. With the very small sizes, brands like LOOK use the same 72.5 STA as the larger sizes, while Colnago increases the STA to 75 degrees. A 2.5 degree difference on a 49cm frame yields a 2.7cm difference in top tube length. If you compare a 49cm LOOK to a 51cm Colnago (which measures 49cm c-c) the Colnago is effectively 1.6cm longer. That's about as extreme a difference as you will find.
Dec 26, 2001 1:41 PM
Hmmm, I wonder what old Ernesto was up to when he designed his VERY small and VERY large frames???? His frames really are out of "norm" in BOTH directions. The 'smalls' are for the most part too long and 'larges' are for the most part too short.... Go figure ????

However, IMHO Colnago's "middle" frame sizes (53cm-59cm) are pretty close to "standard" ...... if there is such a thing, that is.

ride on
just the right size to fit a 54cm CT1 ..... JohnG :)
Forget that bike shop!!rusty McNasty
Dec 26, 2001 7:08 AM
If they can't size you for the correct frame, they obviously don't know $hit from Shinola! Go to a shop which will fit you.
find another bike shopgrandemamou
Dec 26, 2001 8:35 AM
Fit is critical on the road. If you are going to log serious miles a slightly misfitted bike/position will make you absolutely miserable.

Your going to drop some serious coin on this frame. You can always swap out componants but you will be stuck with the frame. If it's a decent shop they should have access to a fit kit. Besides the frame you will need to know stem length/handle bar width among other things. It's not uncommon for a bike shop to not have every size high end frame available but they should have a representative sample built up as well as the ability to size you correctly.
First, I'm green with envy.Elefantino
Dec 26, 2001 9:23 AM
You're new to road biking and you're getting a Colnago as your starter bike. I'm sorry, but I hate you. Just kidding.

As for the questions: I'd go with the Mavics; I have only heard anecdotal information on the 535s but it's mostly been lukewarm. FYI, if you're stuck on the 535s, you can get them from for $161.71.

As for the color ... did I mention that I hate you? :)
First, I'm green with envy.Fireblade
Dec 27, 2001 5:25 AM
I'm new to road bikes, but not totally new to cycling. I'm mountain biker. Well, the reason why I wanted a Colnago was that I really like the bike and I want to keep it for a long time. I don't want my previous experience spoil the fun. When I first started mountain biking, I bought a KHS Alite 3000 but didn't like it, sold it of after 5months and now, I'm a happy owner of the Santa Cruz Superlight. It's like Yin and Yang.... Mountain bike and Road bike = makes me happy!!. Hahahahaha.
You sound more concerned about color than fit.dzrider
Dec 26, 2001 9:24 AM
Is this bike going to be ridden or displayed? If you intend to ride it, better find a shop that has experience fitting bikes and will work with you to fit it as well as they can. Little bitty differences matter more and more over the miles.

If you intend to display it, consult your interior decorator for ideas.
yes.... you need some HELP!!!Jack S
Dec 26, 2001 1:32 PM
at that small, you prob should seriously consider a bike with 650c wheels- if you intend on riding it (if not, just make sure you get the pretty paintjob)
It does look awfully nice.Leisure
Dec 27, 2001 2:09 AM
Definitely get it fit.
You'd have to be stone drunk...Crankist
Dec 28, 2001 8:57 PM worry about fit when a frame looks that good.
P.S. What's a fireblade?