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Opinions between two bikes.....(6 posts)

Opinions between two bikes.....Rollingbones
Dec 25, 2001 8:14 PM
...I'm planning on getting my first road bike in buoquo years and I've narrowed my selection down to two 2001 closeouts. I'm looking at either a Schwinn Fastback Comp or a KHS Flite 800. The Fastback has full Shimano 105 components, while the KHS is Tiagra/105 mis (mostly Tiagra), but has some really nice wheels on it (the appear to be Shimano WH-R535).
How much of a weight/performance factor differance is there between Tiagra and 105 and how decent are these wheels. I'll be mostly comuting/recreational riding...(that means no racing).??? One thing that is pushing me from the Schwinn (besides the company's current situation) is that damn ICBM headset. I have it on my Rocket 88 and am not really that fond of it.
The praice is only about $10 betwee the two bikes (around the $870 range). So what do ya all think? Mostly I've been riding an old mountaion hardtail with skinny stre...err..road tires on it. I think I'm ready for something a bit sleeker. Opinions welcomed. THANKS!!!
re: Opinions between two bikes.....wayde
Dec 26, 2001 5:21 AM
I would go with the full 105. I can not stand the mix-mash at lower ends. I would voice your concern with the shop over the headset. If they want your business and are a people shop, more than likely they will work with you. Those shimano wheels are not that great !! Good luck and happy riding.
re: Opinions between two bikes.....weiwentg
Dec 26, 2001 6:11 PM
agreed, they're pretty good but not great, mainly due to high weight (1900 grams). and yes, get something full 105 at least. you can always get a better pair of wheels later.
Dec 26, 2001 9:27 AM
That's a pretty great deal on the Schwinn- of course, you'd expect that with their current situation. But it's a bargain for an all 105 bike, and the Velomax wheels that the Schwinn comes with are nothing to sneeze at. Of the two, I think it's the better choice.
re: Opinions between two bikes.....Big Guy
Dec 26, 2001 7:44 PM
You should also look at one of the largest differences between these two bikes. The KHS is Reynolds 853 steel while the Schwinn is their own custom Aluminum. Depending on the condition of the roads in your area and if comfort is high on your priority list, this may be something to think about.

Also, upgrading a few tiagra parts to 105 at the shop should not cost much at the time of purchase, or let them wear and upgrade single parts when necessary in the future.
re: What about a CX bike?jrm
Dec 27, 2001 12:33 PM
you can find a reasonably equipped Redline, Surly, or KONA for about the same $$. Theyre nice and versatile, and the ability to run larger tires helps if you commute or if you like riding dirt.