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Anyone use the brinko Twinner?(3 posts)

Anyone use the brinko Twinner?Bobha8
Dec 22, 2001 7:33 PM
I looking for a new helmet and found a decent deal on them, I've seen some pro's wearing them, but I know they wear what they're given. is there enough air flow with just the 3 big vents?
good helmetcyclepaint
Dec 23, 2001 9:10 AM
Of course fit is personal but I like the briko helmet. It has plenty of airflow. It's just a different design.
If you look inside, there are alot of vent holes and the smooth shell kind of floats above it. The design is similar to aerodynamic principles used in auto ventalation design.

Very comfortable and lighter than a Giro Pneumo. Ask people that actually use them not people that "think" it looks too hot. I also like the reflective stickers on the back of the helmet but you can add those to any helmet, I guess.
Dec 26, 2001 8:13 AM
If you don't mind having a hot head. I never had a helmet that made my forhead sweat so much. It offers nothing for the forhead other then a minor hole for breathing that is covered up. Yes it's light, but the ideal of venturi is that you must keep moving to have venturi work. Now how many stops do you make in your travels. This helmet may work in racing but not as a commuter. I would suggest something more open. I had a specialized before and never had this kind of a problem. I do believe there are better for a lot cheaper. Good Luck. MCCL