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Why should I support my l.b.s.?(slight rant)(5 posts)

Why should I support my l.b.s.?(slight rant)David
Dec 22, 2001 1:36 PM
OK, first-2 weeks ago I took a chain that was brand new , still in the box with their shop sticker on it -, back to the shop for store credit,because I have gone to 9 speed(it was a mtb chain).They said that they couldnt give me credit on items such as this.HUH?

Ok so I blew that off-I got a new road bike last week and went and got a new braze on ft der and a Dura Ace B.B.I paid cash.When I went to build up the bike 2 days later they had given me a tapered BB instead of splined.I never looked inside bec. the box had the model # for the splined.So I take it back today to get my cash back with a receipt and they said they dont give cash back I have to fill out a form and get a check in the mail!After the thing withe chain and this I went nuts.I told them I would never do business there again and their customer service blows ass.Was I out of line?

Mail order is cheap and sometimes easy -bike shops need to take note for their own good.
you shouldn'tgtx
Dec 22, 2001 1:46 PM
not that one anyway. What idiots.

I buy 75% of my stuff (including all of my Shimano stuff) mail order, the rest at a good shop (usually clothing and small items). If they're the only game in town, that's a problem, but otherwise just find a different shop.
re: sounds like an odd way to conduct business...Akirasho
Dec 22, 2001 1:51 PM
... I'm sure your accounts are accurate, but we are only hearing your side of the story... however, it does seem odd... and given what you've stated... I'd never darken their door again.

Most businesses give cash back on small ticket items... on larger ones (such as a high end bike) you could suck the cash reserve right out of the register... so I could understand cutting you a check (along with associated paperwork for accounting). I can't fantom why they'd have a problem with a BB!

Perhaps it was a problem with a seasonal employee not understanding the shop's policies??? Did you seek a higher authority???

Good luck in your search for a new shop!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
I would not support that shop.Bernie
Dec 22, 2001 2:26 PM
The problem with bike shops is that they are all so insular. I've know some decent shop owners and other shop owners that are nuts. I have a test for determining whether a shop is a good place or not. Make friends with an employee and ask him if he get his purchases for the "QBP" price (which is cost) or if he has to pay a mark up. If he says that he has to pay a 5% mark up, then maybe the place is ok? But anymore than that, screw that place. It's just an other shop that's making money off of it's employees, biting the hand that feeds it.
Dec 23, 2001 10:00 AM
I have been in some lame shops, but like any business that doesnt take an interest in itself it wont be around to long. My local shop rocks! They give me 15 % off since I am there all the time, never require money down on special order items and when doing little things like chaging cassettes or tweaking the derailer, dont charge me a cent. Not only this, but they are great people. They understand what ANY STORE SHOULD.....A LITTLE BUSINESS IS BETTER THAN NO BUISINESS! They are nation wide....try them out here are my three resources which beat the pants off mailorder: located in California talk to Dave located in Vermont talk to Andrew located in Vermont talk to Roger