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Why? A dream delayed. (Part 2)(1 post)

Why? A dream delayed. (Part 2)GTroadbike
Dec 22, 2001 4:12 AM
Hello again, you might remember my previous post complaining about traveling from the US (on business, not a vacation) to Northern Italy and not being able to ride due to a snowstorm.

Well, the temp has been reaching 3 to 4C (just above freezing)and the snow is starting to melt, the roads are wet and messy, but I am able to stay upright. I put on my layers of clothing and anxiously headed out on my new journey to the Italian countryside.

What a refreshing time I had, the sun started to shine, still cold, but improving, the roads were wide and started drying. The best part was coming to the splits in the road and having to deceide which direction I should take. As I got out of town I could see the mountains were not far away. They were snowcapped and beautiful. I could see houses and roads leading up to what seemed like forever.

Time was against me, I needed to head back before dark. I pedaled back to my apartment with a grin from ear-to-ear. The wind made sure the grin stayed there for an hour afterwards. Funny thing is, I didn't feel cold until I stepped back into my warm apartment. "The things of yet to come", I kept telling myself. 84 more days will pass before I leave Northern Italy. I plan on seeing, riding, and taking-in, the very best of this once in a lifetime event.

Life is good.

I'll keep you all posted.