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wheel options (different question and LONG!)(6 posts)

wheel options (different question and LONG!)collinsc
Dec 21, 2001 8:45 PM
So, after toying will a million wheel option ideas I think ive decided that the open pro route would really be a great $ per performance option. highly recommended on this board are the duraace/open pro 32/32. after doing some research, i found some much lighter hub options (hugi 240) and made a swank little table of costs and weights. colorado cyclist says they can build these for fairly cheap. heres the little table i drew up using open pros, DT swiss 14/17, and duraace vs hugi 240

hugi 240
front: 94g $109.95
rear: 245g $249.95

dura ace
front: 178g $59.95
rear: 376g $109.95

DT Swiss revolution
14/17 287g $44.80
($24.96 @ colorado cyclist)

DT Swiss Alloy
22g $15
(no charge @ colorado cyclist)

Mavic Open Pro
850g $120


hugi option
3.3 lbs

dura ace option
3.77 lbs

colorado cyclist
$438.96 vs. $305.96

current wheels (105/cxp21)
4.18 lbs

I dont have the catalog in front of me, but that is how i read it a few days ago.

so for the price, relative to all the other boutique wheelsets, I'm thinking the Open Pros and the Hugi 240s would be awesome.

So now the question is lacing and spoke count. I see the standard 32/32 3-cross setup being recommended for guys much much heavier than me. @160lbs, I'm not a flyweight but I'm not a bruiser either. What are your feelings on radial spoked front wheels?
the front on my MTB is radial and compared to my dads wheels (same brand, similar model) which are 3-cross, it feels much faster, but i have really doubt that the actual differences could be very substantial.

would you also again recommend the 32/32 combo? could i shave a tiny amount of grams and go 28 or is that simply not worth the hassle?

let me know what you think, or if you prefer, how you feel

thanks for your help
fewer spokes OK...C-40
Dec 22, 2001 8:31 AM
At your weight you can easily get buy with 28 holes on the front. If you go 28 holes on the rear, it would be advisable to use 14/15 spokes on the drive side. The extra tension on the drive side makes the revolutions a bit risky and tough to true.

As for lacing pattern, there really isn't any significant functional advantage to using patterns other than 3X. I believe that Shimano, like Campy warns against using radial lacing with their hubs.

Your weight comparisons aren't entirely accurate. The Hugi hub weights are without skewers, while the DuraAce are with skewers, a significant difference.
what do a pair of dura ace skewers weigh? (nt)collinsc
Dec 22, 2001 9:57 AM
~100gms a pair (nm)ohio
Dec 22, 2001 11:53 AM
I think...
118 grams according to Excel Sports catalog (nm)C-40
Dec 22, 2001 1:26 PM
re: wheel options (different question and LONG!)gtx
Dec 22, 2001 10:28 AM
if you can stand the King freehub noise, I'd probably pick the King hubs over the Hugis. And if it was me, I'd probably build them 32 3x rear, 28 2x front. I also like brass nipples, especially on the rear drive side. To be honest, though, it's hard to go wrong with Dura Ace hubs--and you don't have to pay extra for qrs. My $.02.