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I am so confused.(6 posts)

I am so confused.New Racer
Dec 21, 2001 5:58 PM
Hi, I am a 15 year old MTB racer looking to get into some road racing next season. I currently have Joe Friel's MTB training bible and my longest ride would be around 1.5 hrs. Most junior road races are around 50 miles. Should I train more, and if so what should be my longest ride?

Thank you very, very much!!
about 75 miles (nm)Rusty McNasty
Dec 21, 2001 6:25 PM
re: I am so confused.The Conductor
Dec 21, 2001 6:38 PM
Well, at your age It's important to not overdo things since your body is still growing. I reckon that a long ride absolutely shouldn't accumulate much more than 60 miles. Go for rides whith speed intervals ranging from 30sec to 5 minutes. 75 to 90 minutes are enough. Definetly get in touch and ride with experienced roadracers in your own age to pick up tips about training and racing.

Good luck!
Jr racesTig
Dec 21, 2001 7:48 PM
I may be wrong but I don't remember many Jr road races 50 miles long except for the higher profile ones. Even state championships are rarely that long. Most RR's are 25 to 35 miles long.
where you get those #'s?YoungRcR
Dec 22, 2001 4:47 AM
My junior state championships this year for the 15-16 age group was only 36 miles. The 17-18 group was 43 miles. Those are about the longest junior RR that we had. given that there arent many RR, there are tons of crits. if you wanna be a road racer, better try some crits since that is what the majority of US racing is based on.

My endurance rides are mainly on the weekends, where i do around 120 miles for saturday and sunday combined with the club i ride for. I ride too the ride, then ride home for extra miles. I suggest you find a local club, that does sociable rides for this time of year. your endurance rides should mainly be easy right now. depending on your climate, around 1 month before racing starts, do some (structured!!!) intervals, it may seem like a late time to do them, but you dont wanna burnout for the more important, later races.

just have fun and good luck!
do what?Tig
Dec 22, 2001 6:32 PM
You said jr road races are 50 miles, then you ask me where I get my numbers I brought up (25-35 miles except for higher profile races... you know, like state champoinships). I'm confused. You tell me that your state championships are 36 and 43 miles for those two age groups, which doesn't conflict with what I said. MOST smaller races are shorter for jr's. I think you misunderstood what was being said. I know you don't know I'm an experienced racer since you were kind enough to give me advice on finding a club and training. Don't misunderstand me though. I'm not upset. Typed words can sometimes lose their original meaning by the reader.

I get those number ranges from helping my club to put on races in the past and present, as well as watching races after mine were over. I never raced as a jr, but raced at least 60 crits and 50 road races as a cat 4 and then a cat 3. I raced about 20 track races as a cat 4. I was never a great racer, but had a few lucky breaks and some good coaches to learn from. I've taken the last 8 or so years off to start a family, but I'll be racing again this year.