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Topeak goes above and beyond the call of duty . . .(2 posts)

Topeak goes above and beyond the call of duty . . .DCW
Dec 21, 2001 4:51 PM
Two nights ago, I finally gave up on my year-old Joe Blow Pro Smarthead. (That's the head where one orifice supposedly works for both Shraeder and Presta.) It bent another Presta valve stem, and I couldn't stop the leaking even on a good stem. It just wouldn't inflate my tires over 50 psi anymore. I went to my computer and sent a brief email to Topeak complaining about the Smarthead.

I then went to my shop to see if the Smarthead was removable so that I might replace it with a Twinhead (two dedicated orifices). To make a long story short, I managed to break off the hose just below the gauge. It was all my boneheaded fault, no doubt. The break looked irreparable unless I replaced the entire head, hose and gauge assembly, which I assumed would cost a bundle. I went online and ordered a lesser Topeak, with Twinhead, on sale from Performance.

Just after my mechanical tour de force, I got an email from Fran at Topeak. She offered me a free Twinhead replacement for my Joe Blow. I told her thanks, but I had just broken the works (as above). She wrote right back and said she was sending me the whole assembly! No recriminations, no defensiveness, just beneficence . . . (well, almost).

Even though the Smarthead is apparently smarter than I am, and I'll avoid it in the future, Topeak now has a loyal, lifelong customer (at least if I can get the Twinhead to work for me).
Yakima has their moments alsoB2
Dec 21, 2001 5:22 PM
A few years back I bought a car that didn't have a factory roof rack. This meant that my Yakima "ski-wings", which are intended to mount to a factory rack, would no longer work. I decided to buy the standard Yakima towers and cross bars and find an adapter so I could mount the Yakima ski-wings to the standard cross bars.

My assumption was a part/adapter like this would be available. As it turned out, I couldn't find one or even something similar that I could adapt and use. I called Yakima customer service only to find they don't manufacture one. The good news was that the sent me TWO brand new button down 5 ski racks (that mount to the standard cross bars) via overnight mail at NO CHARGE! These racks retail for $95 dollars each.

With customer service like that, it makes you feel guilty if you even think about buying a competitors product.