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Regarding Light bikes, how about an 11 lb road bike?(10 posts)

Regarding Light bikes, how about an 11 lb road bike?JD
Dec 20, 2001 11:10 PM
I am working on a lightweight webpage, and a friend of mine is trying to build the world's lightest bike, currently it's just under 12 lbs. Here's a pic. What do you guys think?

Oh and is it rideable? Yes, he rides it often...

Here is the link to the webpage, I have more pics of his bike along with a component list.

P.S. I could use more pics. of components on scales if anyone has any.
That's awfully small....I Love Shimano
Dec 21, 2001 12:56 AM
....your friend must be a midget. HAHA!

Just kidding.
Look at how high the saddle is,guido
Dec 21, 2001 11:32 AM
and all those spacers jacking up that stem. The guy isn't a midget, the bike is!
re: Regarding Light bikes, how about an 11 lb road bike?DWI
Dec 21, 2001 4:33 AM
It appears that the claimed light weight wheelset is not what it is claimed.Those are not AC carbon wheels..those appear to be Velocity deep v rims and not the Zipp 280's.
This is the guy who had claimed he had a super light weight bike with a different frame..and when called out to prove what he had with a picture..he of course could not produce.I would not put to much stock into the accuracy of this rig.
What say you?
hey, at least the site has a shit-ton of annoying pop-ups. nmraboboy
Dec 21, 2001 6:01 AM
allready donebadabill
Dec 21, 2001 7:26 AM
The owner of speedplay has a Bill Holland custom Ti bike built at less than 11 lbs. I have seen a story on the web about the bike but cant find it now. It is built up as a show bike for the trade shows but is ridable. I know he is allways changing the bike when lighterer parts come out.
allready donejeff27
Dec 21, 2001 7:40 AM
here's the link
here it isjeff27
Dec 21, 2001 7:44 AM
sorry about the first post, here is the link
Here ya goMel Erickson
Dec 21, 2001 7:44 AM
Here ya gobadabill
Dec 21, 2001 9:33 AM
I think its a ever evolving project for the people at speedplay. Anytime a new and lighter part is found it is put on the bike. A spare no expense bike.