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Would you believe...?(16 posts)

Would you believe...?Ahimsa
Dec 20, 2001 8:36 PM
...that I was chased down by a man in a truck two nights ago while riding, who after attempting to run me down twice and nearly crushed me in the process, then chased me with a shotgun all because he thought I was some guy who slashed his tires four blocks away?

The topper: There is nothing that the police will do because there were no witnesses. He was not even arrested on the scene. I have been told that my only recourse may be civil action. Yeah, that's what I want, this jerks money. I f*cking hate this.

Q: Why am I telling you all this?

A: For the same reason that I'm NOT telling my family. I do not know you, therefore you will not worry. Only my wife knows about it.

Q: Are you alright?

A:Yes, thank you. I was able to outride him to a point at which I ditched the bike and ran my ass off. Called the cops. Oddly, if he'd hurt me or killed me the law would be all over this.

Q: You seem relatively chipper, what with posting and all.
You mentally alright?

A:Uhm...that's a tough one. I'm a little shaken. Feel a bit unsafe outside right now. Today is my Bday and I'm really not into it. Xmas either. Not really eating much, bought a pack of smokes (ex-smoker, not going back, just wanted some for the stress). Feel really angry at this person. Could not ride today. Angry at the system. Angry at "God" or whatever deity you subscribe to. Angry at people in general more than usual. Thankful for my wifes support. Tired. Did I mention angry?

Q: Why did he come after you again?

A: Because he mistook me on my bicycle with lights (!?!?!) for the on-foot vandal who slashed his tires. So he set out to kill this person for it, saw me, decided I would do. When his truck proved less than ideal for the job, he produced a rifle. I never rode/ran faster and single bound lept a fence to escape. Luckily I was near home and able to get inside to phone cops. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not been so near home.

Conclusion? I am venting right now. Sorry if my other posts today are boorish, I'm not clear on how to take this whole thing. I tried to just not talk about it here and keep it from my family and friends but that is not working out.

Where's Psydoc when you need 'im?


A. (Thanks for reading...sorry for the ramble.)
The world is full of @ssholes, Part IIcory
Dec 20, 2001 11:28 PM
Glad you got away...I've been feeling frustrated and mad as hell for two or three days about a similar thing. My son, a college student, lives with some friends in a circle with four houses on it. There's not always room in the driveway, so the other day he parked with his bumper sticking three or four feet in front of a neighbor's house. This is on the street, not the sidewalk or blocking the driveway or anything--just lapping over the property line. He went out the next morning to find a note written in marker on the door of the car--DON'T PARK HERE, D!CKHEAD, something like that. So he goes to the house, talks to the guy, says he'll stay out of the way when he can but, hey, it's a public street, let's be neighbors. Then he rides his bike to school.
When he got back about 10 that night, after work, one of the guys in the house (there are two, late-20s morons with 4wd pickups) had backed his truck up over my son's old Honda, so the trailer hitch gouged two big creases in the hood. The trucks both have hitches, can't tell which one did it, but they made a big show of coming out and asking him what happened, jeez, man, that's too bad, you gotta be careful where you park, wink-wink.
Cops won't do anything without a witness to the act, even though the scratches would be easy to match (I don't really blame them--they've got bigger fish to fry). The guys are both quite a bit bigger than my son and 10 years older. He's ready to burn down their house. I've counseled restraint, but one of these nights when it's all blown over, I may go jogging by with a squeeze bottle full of Jasco paint remover and hose down those trucks...
you got that rightI Love Shimano
Dec 21, 2001 1:03 AM
Retaliating may just cause them to do something worse to you or your son. I suggest your son retaliate on the day he leaves the neighborhood for good (I'm assuming he's in a boarding house for college). Maybe he can slash the tires, pour thinner on the pain, crack the windows, and hey, even puncture the gas tank if it's possible. @$$holes like those don't deserve to be treated with respect.
The world is full of @ssholes, Part IIJohn-d
Dec 21, 2001 1:20 AM
The trouble is your son lives next to these people. It seems he has two main options, keep well out of their way, or move to a better area.

Spraying their truck will set you on a path where real trouble can result, serious injury and/or in court with you in the wrong.

They are not worth even your anger, stay cool, if they persist then calm and cold get a good solid case against them and legally take them for all they have got.

Good luck

Don't do anything unless your son is away and safe.Leisure
Dec 21, 2001 2:19 AM
And on a completely different, unrelated topic altogether, sugar in gas tank=blown motor.

I'm NOT encouraging anything, but sometimes I can't help but speak what I know.
Dec 21, 2001 6:55 AM
I had a neighbor's wannabe gangbanger son break into my van, stealing the CD player several years ago. Another neighbor witnessed him with several stolen car audio systems the same week. The police said they could do nothing since no one witnessed him breaking into the cars in the neighborhood.

Solution? This boy has a lowrider mini truck that was all decked out with customer accessories and of course, a nice booming audio system. Let's just say that varnish remover delivered from a syringe onto the plastic parts of vehicles can have an interesting effect... like a Dali painting!
A well place video-camera could make a quite good witnesscyclinseth
Dec 21, 2001 8:20 AM
have your son set one up in his window and then park in the same manner that illicited these responses. That is if the way your son is parking is perfectly legal. Are there any laws about parking infront of someone else's property?
someone should kick f#*%k that guy. (nm)aet
Dec 21, 2001 9:00 AM
re: Would you believe...?MJ
Dec 21, 2001 1:50 AM
that sucks bad (Cory's post too) - not exactly the holiday spirit now is it?

with things like that it's best just to leave it if possible - escalation just gets ugly (and can get you in alot of trouble) - though I can't believe that the Police won't even have a 'word of warning' with these morons...

the only comforting thing about all of this is that these 'people' are slowly making deposits into their karma bank - payback is coming with interest

for the short term - you've got to remember that you have a better life than they do
I know how it feels.Leisure
Dec 21, 2001 2:04 AM
I had a tangle about 6 months ago with some guy in a Suburban who was chasing me and my sister in my Integra because I was in front of him at a lane merger. He seemed to be a professional roadrager because he kept trying to threaten me by charging at me from all different directions but at the same time only tried to hit me in specific ways to make it look like it was my fault. He also had a metal plate covering his license plate so noone could identify him. I got frustrated from running and got out of my car and punched-in his window. I'm not trying to set an example here, but it's funny because that was what finally got him out of his vehicle where he was a lot less dangerous. Thank the higher powers. Of course, the pigs picked on me, and didn't give a damn (they even said as much) about how much this man threatened our safety. The guy could have crushed me and my sister while we were still in my car, sat around for a few minutes admiring his handiwork, and driven off and noone would be able to verify anything because noone could see his license number.
I didn't eat for three days. The judge went on a complete tyrade calling me a vigilante law something or other. I have learned what you have about how pathetic and useless the police and legal system are. I also spent the next several months feeling paranoid about being on the road; that anyone could assault me at any time and the police would beat me down for it, and (let me apologize in advance for the racial slurs) spent a good deal of time hating white-trash and all their cowardly hill-billy might-makes-right attitudes regarding driving SUVs, bullying the weak, lying to police, etc.etc.etc.
I think I've finally shed my anger over the subject the last month or so. It just doesn't come up in my thoughts anymore, and I don't bother trying to figure it out because it was just a destructive situation that I wasn't able to avoid. But I still feel safer with the convicts I get at the hospital than I do with the cops driving by.
It's going to be normal (and healthy) to obsess about the situation for a good long time. You're going to think about what you could have done different or how you brought it on yourself or whatever you do to try to make sense of a senseless situation. It's alright. You're going to figure out what you can control and what you can't, and eventually even the post traumatic stress will subside. But, don't bottle it up. This is not the sort of thing you should be hiding from your friends and coworkers. Dealing with an apathetic system that beats you down for being a victim may have you afraid that people close to you will do the same. But if your friends are worth keeping, they won't. Letting them know what's going on won't only help you sort through it all, it will keep you from feeling isolated, and will put them in a better position to understand why you may not show up to the Saturday social or are a bit numb at the office sometimes. I'm not just saying this from my one personal experience, either. This is what I see with the people that come into the psych hospital I work at that are coming off assorted different crises. Noone is immune to being emotionally overwhelmed, no matter how well you know the theory.
You did the right thing running, and it's good that you're safe. In the final analysis that's the most important thing. A friend of mine tells me about what it's like being an abused wife with the system being what we've seen. Just think about going through this sort of terror for most of your adult life and not being able to escape. Try, for what it's worth, to count your blessings.
well...happy birthday at leastkenyee
Dec 21, 2001 6:34 AM
Go out to a bike shop and buy something fun for yourself to try to get your mind off it.

People do seem to act a little weird during the holidays...

As for police: more people should realize that they are usually there only to catch criminals after an act has taken place (not to promote vigilante-ism or anything). It's just a fact; they can't be with everyone all the time. Sadly, in your case, they didn't even warn the guy, who should have been charged w/ Assault if there were a witness :-(
Similar thing happened to me...JL
Dec 21, 2001 7:29 AM
The Sunday after watching 9/11 live, I went for a ride. A BMW went by and gave me the finger. I waved, an actual wave mind you not the finger, and smiled. He proceeded to stop/start/stop and try and force me into a ditch. At any moment he could have backed up and I would have been in serious hurt. I called the cops, they responded and filed a charge of, I think, harrassment. I'm still waiting for a court date, but at this point I think it's not going to happen. It's been 3 months now.

I haven't been able to ride much since. I keep coming up with excuses why I can't. I haven't told my family either, except the wife and some friends. I would hear too much about it from them. It's good to ramble, at least you're getting it off your chest. Too bad the cops aren't as understanding as the one I had help me out. Maybe my case got brushed aside due to no witnesses as well.

I don't know what else to say, except I feel your anger and if you figure out how to get over it, let me know. I could use a suggestion.

Similar thing happened to me...guido
Dec 21, 2001 2:22 PM
A Mercedes sports car driven by a lawyer jumped past me once on a narrow two lane blacktop out in Potomac, MD, a posh DC suburb, in a pelting rain that had just started. He then looked into his rear view mirror and braked in front of me. At one point I came within inches of an endo into his passenger seat on the slick road.

He sped away, but I caught him waiting for the gate to open to his gated community, putting my sweaty gloved hand on his window sill, so I wouldn't fall over, and to intimidate him from moving.

"Get your hand off my door!" he shouted, more out of fear than anger. If I had simply raised my hand, I could have swiped his face. He didn't appreciate, however, that I would have also fallen over.

"You must be a lawyer," I said. He looked sheepish. "I don't want to hurt you," I came back, "I just want to make sure you know what you almost did to me back there." I explained to him that as a lawyer he should know cyclists have as much right to the road as he does, and that pumping your brakes on a wet road, inches in front of a skinny-tired road bike, is an invitation to disaster and really stupid for a lawyer.

Then, I pushed off and rode away. And you know the strange part? It was in the Holiday Season, a few days before Christmas.
Did you get his licence plate numbercyclinseth
Dec 21, 2001 7:48 AM
if so then you could probably get his address. Does he know where you live? If not, then you have the upper hand.
get a court orderDog
Dec 21, 2001 7:56 AM
You may get a court order for him to leave you alone. They are called different things in each state. It won't actually protect you, but in some cases it can let them know that you are seroious, taking the high road, and he'll be the first one the cops suspect if something happens. This could be serious - I'd take a look in to it.

the guy tried to murder youguido
Dec 21, 2001 1:35 PM
with a shotgun? Are you of Japanese ancestry? I can't help but see a racist component to this guy's rage. If the cops aren't going to protect you, what other options do you have?

How about six of the meanest looking full blooded Asian guys from the local martial arts club accompany you to this guy's street for a "little talk." You and your friends just want to make sure he knows you're not the guy who slashed his tires, and that he shouldn't be chasing cyclists at night with a shotgun. Don't go on his property, let him come to you. As he acts hostile and gets emotional, keep yours under tight control. Let him make the first move, then step back and let the boys beat the $#!+ out of him.

As you leave say, "If I ever see you again on my street, this is gonna happen to you again."

If some yahoo came after me with a shotgun, justice would be done, even if the police weren't a part of it.

Seriously though, you have to get this guy off your back, either through intimidation, get him to move, or you move, or--go talk to the guy. Show him who you are, that you are an individual. Explode his racist fantasy. Stand up to the guy. Don't let him intimidate you. You are superior, in physical prowess and intelligence, and he's no match. Take the shotgun away from him and he's nothing, a pathetic, sniveling, hateful, weak person. That's probably why some street tough slashed his tires, and why he scapegoats an Asian-American riding a bike.

Here's an idea. What's his name and address? We can all write him letters. It would spook the hell out of him.