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campagnolo vs. shimano(6 posts)

campagnolo vs. shimanoNewRodie
Dec 20, 2001 12:32 PM
How do the campagnolo mirage and shimano tiagra compare? How about campagnolo mirage vs. shimano 105? For someone interested in beginning racing. I really don't know much about the campagnolo line.

re: campagnolo vs. shimanoVelocipedio
Dec 20, 2001 3:22 PM
I'm a Campagnolo fan, but I find that Mirage is at, or very slightly below, the level of Tiagra, and not near the quality of 105. I find that Veloce is very close to the level of 105 interms of quality and performance -- though it's a bit more finicky and requires slightly more adjustment -- and Centaur/Daytona to be on par with Ultegra.
My only thought to contributing to this thread is a sort of non-bill
Dec 20, 2001 3:48 PM
response but may be helpful anyway. I suspect that newrodie may be wondering why no one has waded in on this ever-popular subject. Two reasons; one, it ain't really that popular or fun, and, two, for the most part, the groups that get the attention of people (really, I'm trying not to be as snobby as this sounds) are Centaur/Daytona, 105 or Ultegra, and higher. I never have heard much about the lower stuff, really, good or bad, and I think that it's because the lower end stuff just makes a bunch of compromises such that there probably is little good to be expected or truly bad to be dreaded. The stuff will work; it just won't work as long or as well, and comparing them isn't a terribly useful exercise, because neither one is going to be head and shoulders above the other at the same price point..
Come to think of it, comparing the higher-end stuff probably isn't a terribly useful exercise, either. Like a lot of stuff, you get what you pay for, pretty much all around. Bang for the buck comes in the mid-level. After that, the improvements are much discussed, much touted, and much criticized (and we all know whether the improvements are functional or cosmetic), and only you can determine whether you think that it's all worth it.
I've said this a bunch of times on this board. In the scheme of things, when you realize that what separates the mediocre from the best stuff on the planet for bikey-wikeys is a couple of hundred bucks, the decision gets easier. Now, if you really don't have that couple of hundred bucks, or if you aren't going to keep the stuff for that long, then, what difference does it make really? Do the best you can and don't sweat it.
re: campagnolo vs. shimanoI Love Shimano
Dec 20, 2001 4:52 PM
105 wins hands down versus Mirage. Not because Shimano is really better than Campagnolo (haha! just razzing the Campyphiles), but because Mirage wasn't really developed with performance in mind. Campy, like Shimano's Sora, made Mirage for those on a budget and probably with low mileages. Bottomline is, you pay less, you get less. But the added benefits decrease as you go up the line. Hence the bang for the buck on the mid range products.

Go to and search their archives for a Campy vs. Shimano article, also has one. Remember though, there really is no better gruppo, it all depends on your personal preference.
re: speaking of low milescyclopathic
Dec 21, 2001 7:06 PM
Sora chainrings are steel I can't think of how many miles it'll take to wear them out
thanks us later...Tig
Dec 20, 2001 6:42 PM
Avoid the lower level stuff. Shimano 105, or Campy Centaur or Daytona are good, dependable groups that will last much longer than the lower end ones.