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campy shifter rebuild...ever done it(6 posts)

campy shifter rebuild...ever done itishmael
Dec 19, 2001 8:53 PM
ive seen the exploded pic on some stores site (you can get there through the campy only site) but im a bit aprehensive...some say its hard others say its problem is- the right hand lever doesnt click like it used to and slips out of gear sometimes..what do you think i will need (spring cog etc) im going to try it myself and see how it goes but some advice would be costs 35 just for labor if i get someone else to do it, and besides, i should figure out what is in there...last bike store told me it was pretty easy and that shimano was a bitch though...
Dec 19, 2001 9:53 PM
Last year, a small piece on one of my Chorus 8-speed levers broke, rendering it inoperable. After looking at the exploded lever mechanism on the Campy web site while enjoying a couple of cold ones, I thought I was up for the task. I printed the diagram and looked at it again a few days later over a cup of coffee and decided it would get me in over my head. I found some fairly inexpensive used levers on e-bay and bought them. I still have the broken lever and may dig into it when I've got some free time. Let me know how things go if you do the work.
bruk....bruk.....bruk.....bruk...... ;-)CT1
Dec 19, 2001 10:12 PM
Yo Mike

Are those feathers you're sprouting?? hehehe ;) I pulled my ergo lever apart to check see how it worked and it's a piece of cake. Simple nice hw! Love Campy.... :)

Hey, is it cold enough for you??? The weather report is calling for a low of 30 degrees on Sat morning. Ouch...!!!

Happy New Year to ya
Yeah well,mickey-mac
Dec 20, 2001 6:10 AM
I went to law school in part because I knew I'd last about 4 hours in any job that required me to use any tools. As far as the weather goes, I've sort of been enjoying it. As I've gotten older I've acquired enough cycling gear to stay relative warm in the best that so. cal. can throw at me. I enjoy the incredulous looks on the faces of early morning commuters who are sitting behind the wheel with three layers of clothes and the heater going full-blast, while I'm riding along next to them with the cold air blowing on my face. Plus I've probably got more body-fat to protect myself than you do. :-)
yupJack S
Dec 20, 2001 5:58 AM
pretty easy, but you need to be patient when reassembling. Sound like you have a worn shift ring- there are apparently 2 different 9-speed versions now in addition to the 10. It is also recommended that the j-springs be replaced when changing the ring.
Check out "tech" pagePaulCL
Dec 20, 2001 10:40 AM
They have a list of directions to rebuild a Campy Ergo shifter.