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Bontrager Race X-Lite vs. Mavic Ksyrium(3 posts)

Bontrager Race X-Lite vs. Mavic Ksyriumclueless
Dec 19, 2001 4:30 AM
Any comments from someone who has ridden both?
re: Bontrager Race X-Lite vs. Mavic Ksyriummantissa
Dec 19, 2001 1:29 PM
I was going to refrain from commenting since I have not ridden Ksyriums but since you've not had a flood of responses here's my experience...

I've owned and ridden hard a pair of X-Lites for the past seven weeks and am very pleased. They were true when I pulled my new bike out of the box and I have not had to do any truing to date.

Althought I'm fairly light (135#) I find them not at all mushy and flexy when i corner hard or stand to sprint. On the contrary the ride seems extremely stiff and almost harsh to me. The hubs seem of very nice quality - they have broken in with each ride and are now spinning very smoothly. My only (very minor) gripe is that the decals were not applied too neatly, but they're not coming off or anything.

Finally, according to my scale, their weight (w/o skewers and rim tape) is exactly as claimed by Bontrager (which you can't count on with many products).

Hope this helps.
re: Bontrager Race X-Lite vs. Mavic Ksyriumgtx
Dec 19, 2001 2:49 PM
as a retrogrouch who has ridden neither I'd say the Bontragers are better looking and allow you to replace broken spokes with conventional spokes, but they are a very new product and unproven. Tons of posts on the Mavics if you do a search--here's one.

12x23 "Dog, Grzy, others who've ridden Ksyriums > 3 months." 12/19/01 2:17pm

Personally, for that money I'd buy two sets of hand build wheels or one set and a plane ticket to Italy (very cheap right now!).