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jaw pain(7 posts)

jaw paindustin
Dec 18, 2001 6:31 PM
anyone else get that? finish your ride and your lower jaw feels like it's be hit with a hammer? anyone know why?
anyone know why?Ahimsa
Dec 18, 2001 6:46 PM
You are unconciously clenching your teeth when you ride. Or worse grinding them.

Then again jaw pain can be a heart attack symptom as well. Hows yer left arm feel? Tingly? (Half kidding here.)


re: jaw painNN
Dec 18, 2001 7:04 PM
Someone in my group used to have this problem.
Ends up he was locking his open because he breaths through his mouth for the most part of his riding.

Once he was aware of this, he noticed that he was locking his jaw open. Tried to stop over time and the pain did go away.

No guarantees, just relaying the experience of a fellow rider.
re: jaw painallervite
Dec 18, 2001 9:25 PM
Could be pinching a nerve in your neck also? Try stretching really well before you ride.
re: jaw painvelobear
Dec 18, 2001 10:30 PM
Agree with Ahimsa and NN. As a preface, in my other life, I'm a dentist. Try to pay attention to which one it might be, open mouth breathing, or clenching. Chances are you are subconsciously clenching during hard efforts. Also, check to see if it's getting better, worse, or staying the same. If it gets better, or stays the same, you're proabably okay, but if it's getting progressively worse, go see your dentist.
Dec 19, 2001 7:37 AM
I used to wake up every morning with horrible jaw pain. My dentist told me it was from clenching and grinding my teeth during sleep. He fitted me for a mouthguard that cured the problem overnight. He told me that it was something that I also might benefit from wearing during the day if I experienced grinding during pressure-type situations. However, I don't know if it would be safe to wear one during a ride. Might choke on it or something? Also, you have to get kind of used to wearing the darned thing. Anyways . . . I'd ask your dentist about it if the problem persists.
I have the same experienceDutchy
Dec 19, 2001 4:02 PM
I can only breathe through my mouth as my nose is stuffed. After some rides, as my body starts to
relax I get a massive cramp in my jawbone. It has not happened for a while, but I guess it's from
having my mouth open sucking in Oxygen, the muscle wasn't designed to be in the open position
for that long.