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Sizing Question??(3 posts)

Sizing Question??Dirk
Dec 18, 2001 5:15 AM
Hey guys,

A few days ago I was offered a beautifull classic Klein Quantum Pro. It's a 1996 model with MC2 stem. The problem is it's a 59cm fuselage (Seat tube C-T=61,6cm; Top Tube= 58.3cm; headtube= 17.9cm)and I am 1.93m tall (almost 6'4"). Will this bike be big enough for me? It comes with a 120mm stem with negative rise but I can swap the stem for a positive rise which will put the handlebar higher. Maybe I should mention I also ride a Klein Attitude hardtail mountainbike which is size L (21"). Normally I also would need the XL size but I like compact frames.
Bottomline: is the Quantum Pro big enough or not?
Thanks for your expert help!

most likely not.crockpot2001
Dec 18, 2001 6:57 AM
I am 6'5" and just sold my 2000 61cm QP. The TT was way too short. I had to use a 140 stem. Not cool. I am a bit long upper bodied however. It's only speculation but that bike will most likely be too small. can you try one on at a local shop?
re: Sizing Question??Elefantino
Dec 18, 2001 7:40 AM
I'm 6-5, and my rides are 62cm, 62cm, and L (in a Giant compact frame). I would say the Klein is too small, but you say you like small frames, so:

• The top tube of the Klein is only 58 cm, which means you'll likely need a long (140mm) stem to make it fit (if you want to flatten out on the bike; if you want a more upright position, never mind). But a 140 on a small frame feels like you're driving a bus. Quick handling a 140 is not.

• If you keep the 120 stem, you might look at a Thomson setback seatpost. But be careful of your saddle position.

• My brother-in-law is 6-1, and he rode — and raced — a 56cm back in the late 80s. He loved a small frame.

Bottom line: For me it would be too small. For you, it depends on how it feels on the road. Good luck!