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Cannondale frame trade-in program(8 posts)

Cannondale frame trade-in programclueless
Dec 17, 2001 4:28 PM
Does the Cannondale frame trade-in program still exist?
it did this year...daddy_d
Dec 17, 2001 4:56 PM
They typically have it in the Spring/early Summer. I would imagine they'll have it next year.
All ears...Ahimsa
Dec 17, 2001 5:09 PM
Tell me more

I gots me a older C-dale...jes might be interested.


All ears...daddy_d
Dec 17, 2001 6:02 PM
I don't think it's going on right now, but check with your LBS in the Spring.

I went from a 2.8 to a CAAD4 this year. What an improvement in ride quality!

The frame/fork retailed for $499. I don't know what model they might sell since they're coming out with the CAAD7 at some point, but don't expect the top of the line. But as you probably know, the CAAD4 is the same frame as the CAAD5/6 without the integrated bits. It has a lesser fork though.

All in all, it was an great deal.
trade in anything....C-40
Dec 18, 2001 5:06 AM
The plan offered to sell specific models of Cannondale frames at a reduced price with the trade-in of your old frame. The trade-in frame could be any junk frame, even a $10 garage sale item. It doesn't have to be a Cannondale. I didn't see any adds for the program last year. Velonews usually carries an ad in early spring.
trade nothing.....Rusty Coggs
Dec 18, 2001 7:13 AM
I was guoted the trade in price from several dealers without any trade.Saves them having to dispose of them.
I did it this year...biknben
Dec 18, 2001 6:51 AM
They were offering the CADD4 frames but my LBS begged them to give me a CADD5 frame and all-carbon fork. With the headset it cost me $900 in all.

As far as know, the trade-in program is a continuous thing. As someone else said, don't expect the top of the line stuff. I would assume that you could get CADD5 without having to beg now that the CADD7 is coming.
Good Deal?grzy
Dec 18, 2001 8:56 AM
I've done the MTB frame exchange w/C'dale and you typically save about $300 off of full-pop retail. The wait can take forever - I ordered mine in Jan. and didn't get my frame until July. Thanks Cannondale! However, you can probably score a similar deal on your own if you shop around. This past year our LBS was selling CAAD4 frames w/fork and headset for around $630. And CAAD5's were running just a bit more. Also realize that you still have you old frame to use, sell, or turn into beer cans. If you don't have a shop flush with C'dale frames anging from the ceiling then it would be a good thing. Currently they have a slew of Specialized M2 frames for $300!!!