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Mektronic(4 posts)

Dec 17, 2001 4:01 PM
I am researching a new bike after my wipeout the other day (see thread below) and I'm wondering about Mavic Mektronic as a gruppo. I've read all about it and I understand the basics of how it works. Has anybody here used it? Can anybody do a comparison between it and record? Thanks!

re: Mektronicquadzilla1
Dec 17, 2001 4:58 PM
I've been using the Mek for about a year now (3,000 miles). Here's my experience:

I've heard bad, bad things from other people about the earlier stuff from them. I have the newer version. They have been VERY, VERY good to me. They shift super smooth, and I mean super smooth. I was using Ultegra. I also use a 11-27 cassette. I was worried about the jump to the 27 from a 25, especially going up hills, but it has been no problem at all. Even shifts pretty smooth at low cadence. Almost totally un-noticeable at above 80rpm ! Super easy adjustment & set up to rear der.

Tips: LBS told me to make sure I run Shimano chain only with the Ultegra cassette, or Campy chain w/ Campy cassette. It works for me. Keep the computer angle at about 15 degrees. Also can be difficult to set-up around flourescent lights!!

Only time it EVER let me down was when the batteries went dead (I bought the system used). No problem, I carry extra Batteries (it takes 3 watch batteries). Also used them in rainstorms. No problems.

Love the little extensions on the hoods. I use an Easton carbon bar, so I can't use aero bars. These work great.

3 shift points ! I use them all. Awesome for going up hills and shifting from an aero position. Only draw back is using big, bulky gloves.

Not sure about the durability in a crash though. If I were racing in crits (I've done TT with these), I wouldn't use them. It would be really expensive to replace if they break.I also can't use them on my trainer, but I have a beater bike that I can use for that.

I also wouln't pay retail. I got mine for $350 right here. At $800 retail ????? Thats a lot of scratch !!!

If I had to rate them on a scale of 10? I'd say a 9 - 9 1/2. Slow to read the current speed, and they're made of plastic. That's all I can complain about.I did keep all of my Ultegra stuff, just in case!
re: Mektronic vs. Recordunobtainium
Dec 17, 2001 8:32 PM
I've had Mektronic for about 10 months and about 5k when it first came out. I now have Record 10 for the past 1 1/2 years.
Mek rear D. shifting is very smooth and effortless if cadence is say over 80. Rather slow and clunky around 60. You can only shift one gear at a time. With Campy you can go up or down many gears at a time. I find this a REAL plus. Shifts can occur when hitting a big bump with Mek. I like the "horns" on the shift body and many shift button locations. Rear D. is VERY bulky and vulnerable in a crash I think but extremely easy to setup.
Front shifting is retro and definitely very crude compared toRecord and Shimano
Battery life is about 30-40% of that claimed by Mavic though batteries are cheap and easy to replace.
Riding in the rain was never a problem.
I definitely prefer Record 10 for function, looks, and 3 yr warranty (my BB went bad last month!). My experience is that the chain, or rather Permalink problems seems to have been solved.
I love mine.look271
Dec 18, 2001 10:52 AM
Better than my Ultegra that I used to have. You can shift from almost anywhere and can do so standing, sitting, even crunching up hills. The shifting at low rpms has been fixed; mine shifts flawlessly. Yes, they do OCCASSIONALLY shift when you hit a big bump, but no shifting system is perfect. Once set, you never have to adjust the rear d. Front is OK. It works. Like Quadzilla said, don't pay retail. I got mine for $400-used less than 200 miles!I'm sure record is great; I just like being different and I love the way they shift, plus the hoods are comfy.