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wiped out(16 posts)

wiped outBikewithadam
Dec 16, 2001 5:13 PM
This fall had some gravity. Yesterday I went through a 1/2 inch chain stretched across the road at waist level doing 25 mph. Flipped through midair, obliterating my baby bike and breaking my hand. (typing with only one now...) I also chipped my pelvis and screwed up a shoulder and a knee.

So...I was going to get a custom Ti built this spring anyway. Now it's a necessity. If I can suck it up on a trainer for enough time to be fitted whatwith the hand maybe I can have a new frame awaiting me after PT in 8 weeks.

My question is this: I was going to go full Record, but what options are there out there for systems that can measure rider wattage (output)? Do you have to use a proprietary BB? Any suggestions? Otherwise it's ergobrain.

I never realized how much I love cycling until yesterday when the MD told me it'll be 2 months until I'm back in the saddle. Ce la vie!

what the F??CT1
Dec 16, 2001 5:29 PM
You gotta tell us how you came upon a chain stretched across a road and waist level. ????

BTW: There are several power monitoring cranks available. Just search the net for them. They are very expensive and IMHO will do zero for your riding ability. Besides, you gotta heal first.

FWIW: I'd recommend Record cranks, levers, and brakes .... and chorus for everything else. I've got full Record and Record/Chorus bikes and there is NO performance difference between the two and only a scant weight difference.

I won't disagree with the opinion expressed except tobill
Dec 16, 2001 6:47 PM
say that, by the time you get the cranks, levers, and brakes, there ain't a whole lot of difference in price between Chorus and Record(with the exception of the rear derailer, but even there it isn't THAT much). I haven't spec'ed it in awhile, but when I was thinking about doing just that, I added it up and decided it really wasn't enough to worry about. I just got the Record group. No regrets.
Yes, do tellMcAndrus
Dec 16, 2001 7:08 PM
I once hit a telephone wire strung across the road in what sounds like similar circumstances. Aside from the road rash my only permanent reminder is my chipped left front tooth.

I'm curious to hear about the chain and how it got there.
Power-TapKerry Irons
Dec 16, 2001 5:42 PM

The hub has a strain gauge in it and tranmits power information to a handlebar unit (that is also a normal bike computer). Adds significant weight and only makes sense if you are 1) a very serious racer with a very organized program or 2) very curious about your power output.
useful information?Dog
Dec 16, 2001 8:22 PM
I suppose we could gather all sorts of data about our riding. Question is, what will you do with it? Without a very knowledgeable coach, the information might not be much more than a novelty. Just go ride with some other racers and you find where you stand very quickly. Or, do a ten mile time trial.

I ran this idea by my ultra-distance coach, and he told me than coaching is not about the numbers, basically, at least for what I'm doing.

Now, if you were a time trial specialist and want to gain every last watt of power while experimenting with aero positions, it might be useful. Still, I'd bet you'll need an expert to analyze the information.

All that aside, it would be fun to track that sort of thing.

useful information?Duane Gran
Dec 17, 2001 4:47 AM
All information is only useful if you make use of it. For example, plenty of people entertain themselves with a heart rate monitor, but they don't use it to regulate training. This just means they lose on the investment, but the HRM isn't that complicated to use.

A power meter can be likened to a speedometer. Nearly all of us are very in tune with our speed and relish a high average speed. Well, power isn't much different except that it gives you an accurate assessment of the workout on windy days or on hilly terrain. The analysis is actually very simple. Am I able to sustain a higher wattage over time, given fairly similar circumstances? (meaning, I'm not sick or riding with a group, etc)

The best use of a power measure is to increase power at lactate threshold from what I've observed. I'm eagerly awaiting my power kit for the Polar S710. The power measurement is pretty useful for eking out your full potential, but if a person is already using a training diary and knows their HR zones it is probably not that useful. Ultimately I would say that it is useful information for a methodical racer.
Polar S710Applejuice
Dec 17, 2001 12:51 AM
This pricey heart rate monitor has a power output option. The monitor is around $300 and idunno how much more for the power output accessory. website is if I recall correctly.
Power not avail. yetgrzy
Dec 17, 2001 9:51 AM
Given how long it took them to get the product out don't get too excited about the power module being avail. when they say it will. Nobody really knows how well it works, yet.
comparison data with SRMDuane Gran
Dec 18, 2001 5:30 AM
There are some real world tests done comparing it to the SRM science version here:

The polar unit comes out only 1.7% different from SRM, which is the gold standard for power measurement. I'm pretty confident that the product itself will be good quality, but you are right about the delays. The latest word I have from Polar is that my back ordered power unit should arrive possibly in January. I'm hoping so.
Now THAT is encouraging!grzy
Dec 18, 2001 4:16 PM
Thanks for the link - makes for some intersting reading.

Currently I'm having trouble with my S710 - I won't pick up my HR and it keeps beeping at me - very annoying. Can't seem to get it to behave itself. Tips?
re: wiped outBikewithadam
Dec 17, 2001 8:22 AM
Ok, some more details--I might skimp a little because typing with one hand is awful.

I went out sat morning for a training ride. Ironically I reset my odometer that morning to begin the new season. I did a 3 mile warmup lap and decided to head back home to get a windbreaker. Upon leaving again I powered off in my big gear. Now there's a path near where I live that I can use as an access to the big state road. Sometimes they put a chain across the entrance to block cars, which I was aware of. You come around a decent curve into the top of the paved path (r=20, maybe?) So, I got up on the cranks to peer over to see if the chain was up--and didn't see anything. Of course I then stood the cranks and rocketed through the curve. At the last moment I hear a jogger scream and there's the chain. In the split secvond I had I just tucked as best I could and took the hit. (Aikido saves my life on the bike for the second time.) The bike and I both did a 270 in the air still clipped and came down together. The bike came off on impact, but since the center of mass was still up around my waist, the bike sort of "kicked" off and went flying up the road about 20 feet and then slid some. I made a rolling fall on my back, right to left, and broke with my left hand. Literally.

A few runners were there and they came running. Once I cheked my head and felt extremities for sensation I got right up (the miracle of adrenaline) but the looks on their faces said it all. One of them, a grown man of about 50, actually sat down on the pavement and started breathing really hard. To be honest I wasn't in much pain then, so I assured them I was ok and (perhaps stupidly) walked the 300 yards back home with the bike on my back. Only then did the pain become excruciating and I (again perhaps stupidly) drove myself to the hospital.


broken left 5th metacarpal (boxer's fracture)
chipped pelvis (said not to worry about it)
swollen knee
everything just plain hurts
my trek 2200 frame with chorus/105 and all the customization

I went back later and saw that they had switched out the chain with a new thin one that's light yellow. From 20 feet away with polarized lenses it's invisible. Still my own stupid fault because I should've known better, but it's very frustratung how invisible it was. Going to pursue that just so that they make it safe again. I also stole the chain as a souvenier to put up next to my x-rays. :)

Surely the bike would never win the TdF, but I loved it nevertheles. Sad to see it go.

Now I have to take finals with one hand and on goofballs. My plan to salvage the situation is to get the custom rolling so that when I recover in 6-8 weeks I have something to ride again.


re: wiped outMJ
Dec 17, 2001 8:40 AM
bad luck - enjoy the down time
Stole Chain??? that's funny...biknben
Dec 17, 2001 8:58 AM
I went back to a crash scene to pick up a piece of broken curb that had caused a front tire flat and ultimately my worst crash.

Just had to have a souveneir(sp?)!
Boxer's Fracturegrzy
Dec 17, 2001 2:57 PM
You should heal pretty well from that one - I broke mine, well, boxing. Trick is to go with the cast and let it do it's job. A buddy broke his in a car accident (his only injury!) and was skiing in six weeks. It will ache after a while so limit the lenght of your rides. Doing something 2x is better than a long out and back once you're in pain.
re: wiped outlitespeedcat
Dec 17, 2001 6:53 PM
Ciclosport CM 414 ALTI M, altimeter/cycle computer that downloads to your computer $199. If you enter in your wieght,(rider and bike) it will give you a virtual wattage based on speed, altitude, percent grade. This thing is way cool. You can wear it when hiking, in watch mode,and it will tell you how many feet you have gained or lost and even graph it on the computer!

Good luck, Andrew