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Kreitler Dyno-Myte Rollers Question.(2 posts)

Kreitler Dyno-Myte Rollers Question.giff
Dec 16, 2001 5:49 AM
I have been interested in getting a pair of Kreitler Dyno-Myte Rollers. I currently have a set of Minoura rollers with the magnetic resistance unit. I would like the upgrade so that I do have to use a resistance unit therefore cutting down in the noise and hopefully having a smoother ride,(My Minoura rollers are beginning to vibrate). My concern is that on the Kreitler website it states that these rollers are hard to ride, resistance wise. Having 2.25in. drums I understand the theory of how there is more resistance as opposed to the Minoura with larger drums.(that is why the Minoura needs the Mag unit).

Finally, the question/request: For those of you out there that have a Kreitler Dyno-Myte unit, Please let me know how the resistance is. I want the resistance that is similar to riding the road, I do not want the resistance of climbing the Alps. I plan on keeping the Minoura unit so that if I want a fast easy spin I can remove the resistance unit. Thanks in advance for any constructive feedback.
re: Kreitler Dyno-Myte Rollers Question.homiegee
Dec 16, 2001 7:18 PM
I don't have the Dynomytes, but the midsize poly-lytes with the 3.5" or so drums. I find that they are a touch more difficult than simply flat road riding, and I wouldn't want much harder a workout. It is just light enough that you can spin at a lower heart rate, but at the same time you can feel yourself pushing a bit harder. I would equate it to riding up, say, a 3-4% grade. Nice rollers though. I'd get 'em again.