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road bike used for tourring(9 posts)

road bike used for tourring_Marty_
Dec 15, 2001 4:19 PM
is it safe to be using a road bike for tourring? i mean.. the max i can see myself strapping in paniers n the back is like 40lbs.. wondering also about carbon forks.. doubt they could hold much weight on a front rack.. any thauhts?
re: road bike used for tourringjosh_putnam
Dec 15, 2001 4:35 PM
Assuming you have an average road bike and not some exceedingly light, underbuilt racing frame, you should certainly be safe carrying 40lbs in panniers in back.

I wouldn't be worried about a bit of weight on a carbon fork, but I would be worried about how the rack attaches. CF is more prone to notching under clamps, and that can lead to failure. If the fork has rack-mounting eyelets, or if you use a rack that mounts to the axle ends and brake bolt, then I think you'd be fine.

You might find that your heels hit your rear panniers if your road bike has fashionably-short chainstays. Reasonably long chainstays provide better clearance and better weight distribution.
Rolling Thunder had no probs up to 280 lbscory
Dec 16, 2001 5:20 PM
I used to belong to a club of 200+ pounders called Rolling Thunder. We had riders (mostly pretty fit, just great big guys) up to 280 or so, rode a couple of hundred miles a week around the Reno-Tahoe area with panniers and some front racks, and I don't remember that we ever had a weight-related breakdown. The bikes were standard steel (this was a few years ago), nothing special. I agree about the possibility of notching the carbon fork, though.
one word for youMJ
Dec 17, 2001 2:25 AM
...get a hold of the Bob trailer for touring and get all the weight off your bike frame...
one word for you_Marty_
Jan 12, 2002 12:38 PM
and where does this trailer attache?? on the frame.. true the weight is supported by their own wheels.. but addin an extra 5=10 lbs aint worth it for me..
re: road bike used for tourringRich Clark
Dec 17, 2001 8:21 AM
I would worry about aero wheels and narrow tires being sturdy enough on bad roads with the extra load. I would worry about not having low enough gearing to get the extra load up hills. I would worry about bars set for racing being too low for enjoyable touring. I would worry about not being able to walk around in my road shoes if I had road pedals on the bike.

I would worry a *lot* about clamping anything to a carbon fork that wasn't designed specifically for it, and would never do it.

I'm not saying any of these things are necessarily show-stoppers. Just that they're the things I'd worry about, and feel the need to deal with one way or another.

re: road bike used for tourringDavid Feldman
Dec 17, 2001 8:49 AM
Frame strength: no problem
Heel/Pannier clearance: inadequate if chainstays measure less than 43cm--maybe the combination of a big Carradice-style saddlebag and a handlebar bag
Non-steel fork and front rack: In response to customers' queries about this I have been told a firm NO by the following bike companies: Trek, Specialized, SR (used to sell al forks.) Aluminum is not a good material to cinch a big Blackburn U-bolt around.
Tire room: A bigger tire protects the rim against the loads caused by the dead weight of luggage hammering down on the bike--realize that panniers can't stand in the pedals over bumps and a 130 lb rider with 25 lbs of luggage is harder on a bike than a 220 lb rider on an unloaded bike. 28c or fatter tire, period.
re: road bike used for tourring_Marty_
Jan 12, 2002 12:42 PM
ive used 25c tires for light tourring before.. no problem.. rim never bottomed out.. im 170lbs,, had 30 lbs on rear rack.. u tell me.. ill prove you!
re: road bike used for tourring_Marty_
Jan 12, 2002 12:41 PM
aero wheels? dont have em... narrow tires.. have used 25c for this and noproblem.. preassure up 5 psi in the back.. and never hit bottom...gearring.. 28 tooth in back granny is 39 tooth.. no problem for my terran.. as long as i dont have too much weight.. why im asking for under 40lbs total... stiff soled road shoes? dont have em.. using rather flexy diadoras.. ok for walking to MacDonalds for lunch.. dont looke stupid in Tim Hortons for coffee.. problems solved.. questions left unanswered.. if u aint got anything smart to say.. dont say anything.. ill figure out my questions if you guys cant answer them!