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Looking for a rear hub that won't ever fail.(4 posts)

Looking for a rear hub that won't ever fail.Bernie
Dec 15, 2001 2:45 PM
Over the past two years I've done around 2500 miles of bike touring with considerable loads. For the rear wheel (primary load bearing wheel) I used a mavic 217 (mountain type rim for road bike) on a 105 32 hole hub with DT spokes. Now, I'm planning to do a very long tour in some pretty desolate places. More than anything, I'm concerned about my cassette body crapping out. I don't want to have to bring a cassette body or the tools needed to make that repair. I'm considering building up an other rear touring wheel with possibly a 36 hole dura ace rear hub and a mavic 217 rim (which now has a new number for a name). I'm even considering a king rear hub though they cost a lot. Does anyone think that a dura ace rear hub will hold up any better than 105 or ultegra? I know that dura ace hubs have smaller bearings with a bit more resistance and the cassette body is titanium. With dura ace I know I'm paying for the titanium cassette body. Will it hold up longer or is it only for weight saving measures? Should I go with dura ace or splurge for King hubs and forget about it, or just stick with what I've got? What's your opinion?
Phil Woodgtx
Dec 15, 2001 2:52 PM
the King is a good option, too, but I would say Phil Wood is the most bombproof. Good luck and have fun!
Phil Wood (second opinion)Applejuice
Dec 15, 2001 5:14 PM
Absolutely concur. Serious cyclotourists use Phil Wood. It is the only hub that is better (and more expensive) than Chris King. When I say better I mean that the FSA (field serviceable assembly) allows the entire hub to be disassembled with a 5 mm allen wrench. Trying working on a King hub on the side of the road in the middle of some distant country.

Absolutely, positively, very highly recommend. Also seriously consider one of their bottom brackets as well. They last forever.
Dec 17, 2001 1:12 AM
If reliability is the priority, I wouldn't spend for Dura-Ace. The only thing I know of pertinent to longevity that Dura-Ace/XTR really adds over Ultegra/105/XT/LX is stainless steel ball bearings instead of cro-moly. You could try putting some 1/4" stainless steel bearings in your 105's yourself and see how it works.

If you feel like splurging, which is what I'd do if I were doing 2500 miles in the middle of nowhere, I think you'd be happy with either King or Phil Wood, though ultimately I'd favor Phil also. King is a bit lighter, Phil is longer lasting. I finally serviced the King rear hub on my mtb after about three years and it really didn't need it. My LX was crapped out before one season; I'd guess I would have had to service them every 3 months to make them last. I say splurge.