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First impressions...(18 posts)

First impressions...Ahimsa
Dec 14, 2001 5:30 PM
The Madwagon cruiser arrived today.

1) The packaging is plain (who cares?), but it was very well packed.

2) I figured the frame would feel like wrought iron department store tubing. It doesn't at all. For a heavy bike it really isn't that heavy. Nice "ping" sound in the tubes. Welds are solid but not really pretty, I didn't expect them to be anyway. The paint's matte black. Very nice paint job as far as matte black goes I guess. Stickers are cheap-o but no bubbles or anything.

3) Wheels are solid to say the least. Weight weenies would faint at the heft. Rims are matte black again and aluminum. Black hubs. Rear coaster brake hub.

4) Assembly is a breeze. Install the stem, seat, front wheel, inflate the tires, and install the pedals. No grease is provided or mentioned in the manual. This bothers me as I imagine lots of MW's in the LBS with stuck seatposts because most people don't know better. Meh. I used my best teflon stuff.

5) Tires. Oh my. They are something. HUGE fooking things! Kenda whitewalls 26 x 2.125. Those babies are really pretty for a bike like this. White as the driven snow on the sides.
Max inflation? 40 psi!!! BWAHAHAHAHA! 40!

6) Bad foam grips. Bad plastic block pedals. These both are going to go. Plain black rubber grips would have been better. I may get those cork grips I've seen around the web. The pedals? Well, I hate them but I'm not sure what to replace them with. Maybe silver seventies rattrap types.

7)The seat. Good gawd mama! It is a sofa! Monstrous thing. I need an extra ass for this one!

8) The total built machine. Very nice looking "stealth cruiser" that does not look or feel like a $99 ride. I have seen cruisers by other big name companies that are not as nice as this and generally are gaudy looking. I do feel that the gothic "all black" get up is a bit much for a cruiser, and would like to swap the black preist bar for a shiny chrome Nitto version along with the black seat post.

9) The ride. After building her up, I had to leave for work. So I figured I would commute on the Madwagon after a test spin. YIKES! This is not one of my road bikes! The handling is like nothing I have ever ridden. Those swept back bars and mega short stem, that perfectly upright posture, those massive rubber marshmallow tires....very odd to say the least. I'll say this much though, it rides s-m-o-o-t-h. The steering is gonna take some getting used to.

Coaster brakes do not have much stopping power....little at all really. I mean to say that they work, but I may install a cheap front hand brake.

I now know why the seat is so huge....all of your weight is on your arse! I'll have to fiddle with this a bit maybe. I'd like to tinker w/o spending any significant dough and see if I can coax a bit of the upright-ness out of the position.

I chose not to commute on it, and rode my daily instead. I felt bad, but could not see any sense in riding such an unfamiliar steed in city traffic. I never intended to commute with it anyway, I just thought it would be fun. Alas, I need practice with this one, but I so love a challenge.

Mostly this will be my grocery basket, local pub, park trail, evening warm down, just for fun bicycle, and for that it is no doubt worth every penny. I love it, kickstand, chain guard and all.


I want one. Where did you get it? (nm)Dave Hickey
Dec 14, 2001 5:35 PM [nm]Ahimsa.
Dec 14, 2001 6:05 PM
WOW, about what you'd pay for a good pair of tires...Mel Erickson
Dec 14, 2001 6:12 PM
and you get a whole bike that looks pretty cool. Love the whitewalls and the stealth black look. Where, where, where?
re: First impressions...gtx
Dec 14, 2001 6:15 PM
where is it made? China? Taiwan? Looks cool, 'cept yeah, could use more chrome...
Dec 14, 2001 6:23 PM
American designed and Chinese built. Chrome is on the way. I forgot I have an old seat post in the shop that will be perfect with a quick spit and polish. I'm looking at the Nitto bar right for pedals. Sorry the pic is so huge.

nice bars! nmgtx
Dec 14, 2001 6:36 PM
Found the pedals...Ahimsa
Dec 14, 2001 7:01 PM
looks like...gtx
Dec 14, 2001 7:57 PM
the pedals I used to run on my cross bike--they'd still work with cleats. I know they were French--Maillard? Or are those Japanese knockoffs? Where'd you find 'em?
hmm..kinda looks like my old '68 Schwinn 2-speedIAmtnbikr
Dec 14, 2001 7:35 PM
still got it around, and am slowly restoring it. All original still, but the tires are rotted and must go. Most other stuff is not too bad, chrome rims, chrome fenders, even a new chrome headlamp/horn in the box, except the nice matte black chainguard (I must have thought it looked cool when I was 8 or 9....) which I somehow remember spray painting years ago. I found some NOS parts at a Schwinn dealer in the Aurora, IL area a few years ago, and maybe this winter it will be finished up? Jeez, with so much STEEL and CHROME maybe I will donate it to Dog Breath.........oh, that's right, I guess it isn't Italian (or his fave, Taiwanese!) it's American...sorry DB.
Dec 14, 2001 8:19 PM
Kinda like my old Schwinn, except I added drop bars. I'm rethinking that, though. Might just put strait bars back on it and use it as a ss fun bike, now that I"m aiming to build a fixte.
re: First impressions...fuzzybunnies
Dec 14, 2001 10:48 PM
Looks like fun, Raleigh has one out this year with full fenders and a nice paint job for under 200.00 I was cruising around today on a '72 scwinn 3 speed cruiser and the steering is fairly wierd. The extra gears were nice though. -Russ
this is what I wantJack S
Dec 15, 2001 5:37 AM

drooool (nm)loop
Dec 15, 2001 7:36 AM
this is what I wantronsod
Dec 15, 2001 8:57 AM
I bet this one costs slightly more than $99.00. Do you know the price? Just curious. how does it climb?Crankist
Dec 15, 2001 9:25 AM
It's ADORABLE!!! Kootchy-Kootchy-Koo!jtolleson
Dec 15, 2001 2:25 PM
: )
re: First impressions...Js Haiku Shop
Dec 17, 2001 5:44 AM