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how much is this bianchi worth(11 posts)

how much is this bianchi worthDusk
Dec 14, 2001 5:16 AM
Could some one please estimate what a fair price for this would be I have been looking for a good starter road bike I wanted a steel fram and campy parts but I can always upgrade this one if I get a good deal

1980's or so Bianchi frame made or good quality tubing (The seatpost is 27.2 so I'm guessing Renyolds 531 but it could be Columbus)with a brand new aluminum fork. Shimano 105 headset, new Sora triple crankset (with alloy chainrings replacing the original steel ones), new Sora duel pivot brakes, an American Classic seatpost, Sella Royal saddle, Suntour 7sp freewheel (new) and derailleurs (front is a new triple capable), and shifters, Cinelli bars and a Bianchi stem, includes a new Zefel pump. The wheels have new tires and Sashin sealed hubs with one Mavic and one Wolber rim (they look the same). The only flw is the the rearmost of the three top tube brake cable guides has been filed off. I assume it got bent and was removed (the base is still there so not damage has been done to the frame).

thanks for your time
Just guessing, but...Retro
Dec 14, 2001 8:37 AM
It's probably a nice bike to ride (which might be fine for what you want it for), but I doubt it's worth a lot of money. The components are sort of a mishmash (that's OK if they work together well--my Atlantis has all kinds of oddball crap on it). You'll have a hard time replacing the 7-sp stuff when it starts to break (it can be done, but you'll have to look around).
On the other hand, you're just looking for something that's comfortable and fairly reliable that you can ride around, right? This is really a wild-ass guess, based on a couple of similar bikes in the local newspaper classified section, but...what about offering the guy $150 to see if he laughs? Or $100? I certainly wouldn't go over $200.
Just guessing, but...jtolleson
Dec 14, 2001 9:21 AM
I guess I wouldn't be as hard on the bike as all that. I'd guess $200-$300 is reasonable for a nice steel ride and 105/Sora components.

I'm not a whiz on upgrades but I'd assume that the 7 spd. thing isn't a big deal for a steel bike because the dropouts could be spread to accomodate an 8 spd. at some point.
Dec 14, 2001 10:15 AM
Looks like a pretty average bike, if the one on eBay linked below is it. I'd say $200, as any decent bike that works well is probably worth that. I don't see any collector or special value to it, as it's an ordinary touring/all around frame with mediocre components. Might not be a bad commuting/bad weather bike.

Think about any upgrades you'll need or want after you buy it, and take that into consideration. If so, you might be able to buy something else at the same total price and get what you want.

While I'm partial to CelesteStraightblock
Dec 14, 2001 10:05 AM
the low-end Heinz 57 groupo, broken cable guide & mystery tubing definitely keep the value down.

This is the one you're looking at, isn't it?

I see he's got no bidders at a $250 opening & that should be a good clue. If there's no bidders, try e-mailing a lowball offer, maybe $150 shipped, & see how bad he wants to sell it.
thanks for the heads up!!!hern
Dec 14, 2001 10:38 AM
looks like it might make a nice FG with horiz dropouts and all, my size too
Didn't realize it was eBay...jtolleson
Dec 14, 2001 10:41 AM
That drops my estimate into the $175-$200 range. Not only because you'll be popped for $40 to pack and ship, but also because you can't lay your hands on it and inspect/test ride.

I do think that this bike would be worth more if it was sitting in your neighbor's driveway, and that may be my own bias toward older Bianchi steel (not to mention Celeste) combined with the entry-level, but new, componentry.
Not worth your trouble.Dog Breath
Dec 14, 2001 10:42 AM
I have seen some beautiful bikes (some were even new old stock) sell on eBay (not my size unfortunately) for under $500.

Especially if you can live with 126mm rear spacing (6 or 7 speed) I would be patient, there are some great deals to be had.
I'd pass, unless it's cheapdjg
Dec 14, 2001 11:30 AM
The seller seems to be guessing at 531 or Columbus (SL? Cromor? Aelle?) tubing--I don't think the seatpost measurement answers the question whether he's right. And he's guessing as to the date of manufacture (what--within a decade?) One of the nice things about Bianchi is that they have long manufactured decent road bikes all across the price spectrum. Just because it's green doesn't mean it was top-of-the-line (and judging by the picture, it was not). Look, for all I know this is a decent bike. Not high end, but a decent riding bike. And at the right price maybe you should take a chance--that's for you to decide. But given the description, and given that this doesn't seem to be a local bike that you can inspect and test ride...ya gotta wonder if it's worth much. To me, the asking price seems high.
If there isn't a Reynolds sticker:DAC
Dec 15, 2001 5:44 AM
then assume that it is NOT 531. Assume that it is a cheaper Cro-Mo tubing.
I wouldn't bid higher than $150 for it. Might be worth less than that, depending on the condition.
With a triple, it may actually be a touring bike.
thanks all nmDusk
Dec 14, 2001 12:27 PM