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is it worth stepping up?(9 posts)

is it worth stepping up?lilgeerts72
Dec 13, 2001 12:40 PM
i am looking at 2002 road bikes, mainly becuase i'm not going to be ready to buy for another couple of months. first of all, i've recently been getting talked out of trek, and being led to either a c'dale or a giant. the new giant ocr 2 is only 779, with tiagra component group. the c'dale r500 is 1159. it it worth that much more to go with the c'dale, or would it be wise to go with the r400 at 869 and try and upgrade later, even though the frame is different from the 500. this will be my first bike, and hopefully one i will ride for quite a while, any info is appreciated. also, are you supposed to deal with you lbs or pay the price. if you are supposed to, how do you bring that up? lower the bike price, or try to get a helmet or shoes at a discount. thanks for your opinions.
re: is it worth stepping up?surf
Dec 13, 2001 12:58 PM
I rode the ocr2. It's good but for the price or a bit more you can get 105. Also -- look at used bikes! You can deal at the LBS also, its like getting a car. Most of the time, they will go down 5-10%, especially on last years models or on larger frames that are harder to sell (if you are tall). If you let them sell to you, you will spend alot more than you want to for a tiagra bike. Look at the OCR1 for about 150-200 more or buy a cheaper used bike to start with. Also the GT ZR3 is a great deal
re: is it worth stepping up?raboboy
Dec 13, 2001 1:45 PM
any good LBS will give you a deal. They want your business for more than just the bike purchase. Most will offer 10%-20% off anything else you buy when you get a bike from them; shoes, pedals, clothes, etc. They want a customer, not just a bike sale.

fyi, i was looking at both those bikes myself (r500 & ocr1). I ended up with the c'dale, but i think it is really personal preferance. get out and take a ride on them both. they are definately different rides. The LBS should let you take it out for an hour or so. if they don't then find a new LBS.

Used is definately an option, but just rememeber that frame warranties only cover the original owner. If you are planning on keeping it for a while and not swaping every few years then used may not be the way to go.
I agree. Look at used.Elefantino
Dec 13, 2001 2:05 PM
Because there are so many bikes coming off one-season rides or being sold by bike widows, if I were you I wouldn't get a new bike for my first. You'll be able to get better components — certainly more than Tiagra — for quite likely less money. And even if this is your first bike, it wouldn't take you long to figure out there are substantive differences between Tiagra and lighter, better component groups from either Shimano or Campagnolo.

For example (RBR regulars, please skip over this paragraph; sorry), I recently purchased a like-new Specialized S-Works M4 with full Ultegra (new Dura-Ace rear), Speedplays, never-ridden-or-mounted Rolf Vectors, for $1140 — shipped. While you have to hunt around for those deals, that's still $19 less than the R500, which isn't one-tenth the bike.

Because you have a couple of months, take some time to look at LBS consignment sales, or online auctions. One tip: If you go the eBay route, look at bikes that are listed but do not sell at their reserve price. When the auction closes, make an offer to the seller. You'd be surprised how many times you can strike a deal.
re: is it worth stepping up?firstrax
Dec 13, 2001 2:23 PM
Do what ever it takes to get 105 compnents instead of tiagra. You will thank me later.
re: is it worth stepping up?totrod
Dec 14, 2001 12:53 PM
I second that. I bought a bike with RSX, then ended up replacing it when I wanted to re-gear it. Not that I don't just love my new DA-equipped bike. :)
re: is it worth stepping up?LLSmith
Dec 13, 2001 4:31 PM
I agree that you should get the best possible componets for your money.I doubt if you would notice any difference between the cannondale or giant(or even one of those treks)if all the bikes were fit properly. You will notice the difference in the componets and be looking to upgrade soon.By the way, who talked you out of a trek??You will probably get a discount on shoes,pedals,helmet etc. if you buy a new bike.If the lbs does not offer I would suggest you ask.
re: is it worth stepping up?allervite
Dec 13, 2001 7:54 PM
Ride them! Which ever one feels right is the one for you.
I agree look usedsalmonwheel
Dec 14, 2001 9:56 AM
In my opinion a used bike for your first is the way to go. With a used bike you can get a higher quality bike for the money. You'll need to ride for a while before you'll be able to get the bike that fits you perfectly then you can drop the big cash and get what you want.

I suggest looking up all the club swap meets in your area. I find prices get too high on ebay, and I like to touch what I buy.