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Vuelta 2002(6 posts)

Vuelta 2002Vrock
Dec 13, 2001 9:54 AM
Hello, I just want to tell you that the route for next year Vuelta has been unveiled, you can see it at
The most important thing is the return of the Angliru climb to the race after it was missed this year. I live in Cordoba so I'll be on the side of the road on stages 5th 6th 9th and 10th, Stage 6th will be very interesting with a new climb, the Alto de la Pandera, where a climb of just 8km has sections at 17%, It'll be great!
Looks great for Leipheimermr_spin
Dec 13, 2001 10:20 AM
I figured they would repeat the formula from this year because it was such a success. But three time trials and only four mountain stages? Count Heras out, and look for Casero to repeat. If Leipheimer leads the Rabobank team as he should, he could be the first American winner. That's not just good ol' American bravado--he wasn't that far off this year, and next year he won't spend the first week working in support of Heras. Wouldn't that be amazing--Americans winning two grand tours in one year? (Assuming Lance wins the Tour, which is a pretty good assumption given his track record.) If Tyler Hamilton can win the Giro, that would really knock the Euros for a loop.

And this holiday season, everyone say a special prayer for OLN, bringing us such great live coverage of these events.
Maybe notbikedodger
Dec 13, 2001 1:15 PM
The site says in its "57th Vuelta a Espana - 2002 - Preview" that Rabobank will not participate. No reason given.

Not only four.Vrock
Dec 13, 2001 1:52 PM
There're a lot mountains stages but only four have the finish line on the top of the climb.
Another secret is that the second TT has a lot of climbs, I can tell you this looking at the map because I live and train on this mountains. The first and the last TT are very short, and this is good for the climbers, if you remember the last stage of this year's Vuelta , Casero make the differences in the last miles, in a short TT the climbers don´t lose to much time.
Take a look on this stages, can you say "Emboscada".

re: Vuelta 2002raboboy
Dec 13, 2001 12:37 PM
My thoughts: I think the flatter course will give many more riders a chance at the podium this year, which is good. Also, a lot of teams will really have to change their strategy and wont be able to count on the mnt stages to bring their climbers to the top of the standings.

Levi with the backing of Rabobank will have a very serious chance on the top. I didn't think that Rabobank had a really strong outing this past year.

This past year's Vuelta was one of the fastest in its history, I wonder if next year's will top it.
re: Vuelta 2002allervite
Dec 13, 2001 8:07 PM
Mark my words. Rabobank will use and abuse Levi like an old mule. I will be surprised if he does much of anything next year. Hopefully he can do something early in the season. Rabobank is not kind to foreign riders. Look at past promising foreign riders. Perhaps the fact that he can speak the language and used to live their will save him, but I doubt it.