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TIRE QUESTION - whats the difference between hard and soft?(3 posts)

TIRE QUESTION - whats the difference between hard and soft?surf
Dec 13, 2001 8:19 AM
I have Conti's on my bike (i heard these are considered "hard" tires." I was looking at some "soft" tires the other day. What is the difference and what are the uses of the various types of tires. Are some better for fast speeds ect. also, i have never had a flat with the conti's, is that a characteristic of hard rubber tires. Any suggestions on what i should ride??? Im 6-2 185 and ride for fitness and triathlons and like to keep the tires at 110 psi or more(some of the soft tires max out at 105 psi ???). Im more interested in safety and not getting flats than in saving a few grams. Any suggestions.
Dec 13, 2001 8:52 AM
Soft = grippier = better on bends etc, but, wears faster, and little slower on straights (prob not noticeable in real world), punctures/cuts a little easier.

Hard - opposite.

Depends what conti's.

For training, I would go with a harder tyre - cheaper, and you can push it plenty enough to train without having to fly round every bend at max speed. Any decent tyre will handle 110 psi - just check the rating on the wall.

FWIW I like Vittoria Rubino Pros - they are dual compound - hard in the middle, softer at the sides - makes sense to me.

Don't loose sleep over it though - there are no bad tyres to be found today - it's just down to what lights your rocket...

Which Contis?mr_spin
Dec 13, 2001 10:27 AM
I like Continental Grand Prix and Grand Prix 3000's. Both are superb tires, but the main difference between the two is that the GP 3000's are softer rubber. That means better grip (stickier), but the price of that is faster wear.

So if you are the type of rider who likes fast descents and no-brake cornering on tight turns, get the GP 3000s. Otherwise, save some money (longer wear = fewer replacements) and go for the standard GPs.

Both GP models should max out at 120 psi.