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Shifter not working(4 posts)

Shifter not workingUnprogram
Dec 12, 2001 3:11 PM
I have a 1999 Trek 5200 w/ Ultegra shifters.

My rear shifter is kind of hosed now (for no apparent reason). The down-shift (which is done by pressing the larger lever in) is still OK. But when I try to up-shift, I had to hold the larger lever so that it doesn't move in along with the small lever and then press the small lever in. Yes, it is still functional. But is has become a pain to operate.

I took to a mechanic and he said that both shifters need to be replaced. I am resigning myself to doing just that, but I thought I check here first.

Thanks for your help

re: Shifter not workinggtx
Dec 12, 2001 3:31 PM
did you try flushing the lever with WD40? Also, check your cables and housing--might be worn or need to be lubed.
Known problem. Couple of tips here:Biking Viking
Dec 12, 2001 4:29 PM
I had the exact same thing. This has nothing to do with the cables, it's the shifter mechanism itself. Two things could make this happen.

1. Sit next to your bike and look up on the back side of the lever. Close to where the two levers pivot, there's a small screw/bolt holding parts of the upshift mechanism to the downshift lever. If there's an empty hole there - you've lost it. I did. You might want to check if it is tight anyway.

2. If the bolt is there, you will have to lube the shifter mechanism. WD40 might work, I used White Lightning (yes the chain lube) because it has very good penetration. Turn the bike upside down, spray some lube into all cracks, do some shifting to move the lube around - and you should be fine.

re: Shifter not workingLLSmith
Dec 13, 2001 3:01 AM
This is pretty common for the Ultegra shifters. Since your bike is out of warranty you might consider upgrading to the Dura Ace shifters. They are suppose to be a much more durable product.Since you dont use your left shifter as much it should last quite a bit longer than the right.