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Speedplay Zero???(12 posts)

Speedplay Zero???kushogun
Dec 12, 2001 6:53 AM
Alright. Everyone, or most of you know by now my delema with my pedal situation. I want to switch to road set-up from SPD but don't know which one to go with. Both the Look PP396 and Time Equipe Pro's have their pros and cons with every pedal aspect. I have been straying away from Speedplay because I was worried about the crazy amount of float (25 degrees or so of float). However, the Speedplay zero has adjustable float from 0 to 15 degrees. Anyone have any experience with these? How do they compare to the traditional Look or Time setups? Is the platform as large and does it feel as solid? I think I may go this route because on some rides it is necessary to engage and disengage quite often. Also the adjustable float and ease on the knees seems like an advantage... Is it a gimmic or are these pedals for real??? The X/2 got a great review but no Zeros on the board. Any and all info on this new design would be greatly appreciated... Northwave, Carnac, and Sidi compatible??? Finally, anywhere that may have a slight deal on these puppies? Thanks and happy riding.
Don't worry about the "crazy" floatElefantino
Dec 12, 2001 6:57 AM
You get used to it on the first ride. And then you will wonder why you ever road anything else.

I have used Look, Time, SPD, and now Speedplay X-2, and there is no comparison. I have a bad knee, so it made sense for me — but my son, who has healthy knees, also swears by Speedplay X-2s. And he's a hammer.

As always, FWIW.

but opinions varyDog
Dec 12, 2001 7:04 AM
I don't disagree just to be disagreeable, but I tried the Speedplays for over a year, and just could not get used to the float. It drove me crazy, and seemed to fatigue my lower legs excessively. Nonetheless, I do know all sorts of riders, from casual to Cat 1's to ultramarathoners, who swear by them.

I've tried SPD, Campy Record, Speedplays, and various Looks. The Looks are by far the most comfortable and funtional for me. I'm a bit of a weight weenie, too, so if the Speedplays had worked, I'd certainly be using them. The new Speedplays without all the float might be a good compromise, though.

Bottom line -- sadly (for your wallet), I think you just have to try some different ones and see what happens.

Don't need ZeroChen2
Dec 12, 2001 7:10 AM
I switched from SPD Dura-Ace to Speedplay X1's, SIDI Genius shoes. It took about 30 miles to get use to the change and I'll never go back. The float is NO problem. I have very bad knees and they feel much better on the Speedplays. I was afraid that the float would give me problems with releasing, but they don't work that way, it's not necessary to rotate out to release, it's just a simple natural roll of the ankle and you're out. Being double sided they are a snap to get on and go- just stomp- and go!
re: Speedplay Zero???morey
Dec 12, 2001 7:18 AM
I have both the Speedplay X2 and Zero. I like the X2 better.
The float has never been a problem!
re: Speedplay Zero???brider
Dec 12, 2001 7:35 AM
Here's a review:
My usual adviceTrent in WA
Dec 12, 2001 9:32 AM
I think I've posted this before, but:

All of the currently existing road pedal systems have been around long enough to have the bugs worked out of them, so it's really a matter of personal preference. You will not be able to determine whether you like one better than the other without trying them out. So pick one system and buy the cheapest model you can that'll get the job done. Use it for a while. If you like it, stick with it. If you don't, figure out what you don't like about it and get something else that addresses that problem. You can get entry-level Look pedals new for ~$40; Times are waaay more expensive, unless you order from an overseas vendor (which I would recommend). More cheaply, you can find a bike shop that trades in used parts and buy a used set of pedals. Or find a friend with a spare set of pedals s/he can lend you.

My story: I started out with a set of loaner Time road pedals, liked their secure retention, but found them impossible to clip into and out of, hell for walking, and didn't like the fact that there aren't that many shoes that work with them without resorting to adapters. I then bought a pair of Look 206s on closeout and liked them pretty well, then sprung for a used set of Dura-Ace Looks and have achieved lasting happiness.

Honestly, IMO a lot less rides (sorry, pun unavoidable) on your decision than you think. If you're worried about getting enough float for your knees, start with Speedplays and rest assured that you can resell them easily if you don't like them. Otherwise, get a cheap or used pair of Looks or Times and go from there.

Hope this helps,
re: Speedplay Zero???Woof the dog
Dec 12, 2001 12:35 PM
if you ever try speedplays and don't like the float, you could get the Zero ones OR you could get Keywin. which are equally light as X-2 speedplays, but offer only 6 degrees of float, large platform, good lock-in (track heritage). The price is about the same. Check it out at
Not too many know a/ them, but they are a good pedal.
How is the Keywin Cleat for Walking?jtolleson
Dec 12, 2001 2:37 PM
I use SPD's because I wear 'em in a shoe with recessed cleats... like the easy walking. I've thought about Speedplay Frogs but here they are grit sensitive, etc.

How's Keywin on that front?
How is the Keywin Cleat for Walking?nothatgullible
Dec 12, 2001 3:34 PM
I also have a set of Keywins(I have tried all kinds of pedals, my garage looks like a bike shop) and they are pretty easy to walk on because the cleat is very narrow height wise. They are not as easy to walk in as spd's on mtn bike shoes but they are easier to walk on than Time, speedplay and Look. And yes I have owned all those pedal systems, I bet a lot of you guys have a lot of bike parts in your garage just like me.
Dec 12, 2001 4:43 PM
Frogs aren't grit sensitive. They aren't the best in the mud, but still I use them for mtb racing, even on muddy courses, simply because the positives of the pedals outweigh the negavites (for me). I think they need to be paired with stiff shoes like Carnacs, though.
IMHO: Speedplay X2 = the BESTcoonass
Dec 12, 2001 4:47 PM
My original problem was getting used to the 6° float of SPDs; pulling out when I didn't want to, and having some troubles clipping in...the 26° float of the Speedplays 'freed' my knees from being locked into one position during a ride; generally 'stiff' because of no freedom and have NEVER pulled-out, nor any trouble clipping-in. Everyone has their choice, but it'll be an absolute miracle if I ever find a better pedal system than Speedplay...(rumor: The X1's [ti]were reputed to have some problems with shearing during a crash...I have X2s [s.s] on both road bikes and have survived unscathed in some not-so-nice 'introductions with road surfaces..Only a rumor, but I do know that Ti is not a reliable metal for durability)