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Trek OCLV(16 posts)

Trek OCLVClueless
Dec 11, 2001 4:46 PM
Have ridden Cannondales for years. Like light and stiff. Thinking of switching to an OCLV. Any comments? Warnings? Advice?
DON'T do itcheech
Dec 11, 2001 7:03 PM
it's like going from a Ford to Chevy, republican to democrat, Islam to Judaism......... don't do it, man!
re: Trek OCLVnothatgullible
Dec 11, 2001 7:33 PM
As sure as the sun coming out tomorrow it is a fact that your OCLV will break. No doubt about it. I had one. I'm 145 and rode about 4k miles before it broke. There were cracks in the seat tube and chain stays. I will have to tell you that I loved the ride of the bike. It will smooth out any road and it is very light and quick handling. But I hated the fact that it broke under such light use, as soon as I got the warranteed frame, I sold it. I've heard people say that they have broken Cannondales, I don't have any experience with them. If you feel that your bike is reliable and you like it, I would stay with it, or if you want a carbon frame, look for something with a better track record as far as reliability.
re: BreakageElefantino
Dec 12, 2001 6:28 AM
I'm 6-5, 210, and rode a 62cm OCLV for two years with zero problems. It was only when I accidentally rode over a tree branch that I cracked my frame (and several body parts), which was replaced.

As sure as the sun coming out tomorrow it is a fact that if you look long and hard enough on this board, there will be someone who has critical comments about any frame, any manufacturer, anything.

Take all comments on this board, including this one, with a mine of salt.
My $0.02grzy
Dec 12, 2001 9:39 AM
Went down at 50 mph on the backside of Ebbetts Pass while doing the Death Ride in '98 - for those that know this bit of road. Slid about 100' which forced the guy behind me (also doing 50) choose between running over me or my bike. Thankfully he choose the bike and managed not to go down. I was amazed to find that while the rear der hanger had broken off (at the der.) the frame was absolutely fine - I had the Trek folks check it out totally since I had the hebbie-gebbies about ever getting on that frame again. Trek guys say they see things like this all the time. I'm pretty sure that a metal frame wouldn't have fared as well. I could've done a frame exchange on a new one, but kept my original to keep riding.

Ultimately it's a very strong and light frame, but it's not to say you can't ever have a problem. Just be assured that with a lifetime warranty you're covered. It's probably the most popular higher end frame in the world, so the numbers have to say something. Many of the OCLV breakage stories are urban cycling legends - although I have seen some "cracks" where the tubes are joined - usually it's the paint not being able to take the movement. Structurally the bikes are still sound.
Mechanic's opinions...........................................David Feldman
Dec 12, 2001 4:05 PM
1. Unlike, say, the new Kestrel Talon which according to the sticker on the one I'm assembling right now is MADE IN F*&%ING CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trek still makes OCLV's in Wisconsin.
2. Unlike Colnago and other Euro carbon frames, Trek's warranty actually is worth more than the paper it's written on.
3. Reasons not to: Della Santa, Lyon, Spectrum, Davidson, many others.
re: Breakagecapnjim01
Dec 13, 2001 5:46 AM
elefantino, which body parts were replaced? sorry couldn't resist. i agree with you though i don't own an oclv yet but one of my friends has had four. a 5000 older model that did crack. a 5500 he still rides, a Lance Armstrong edition for his wife, and she just bought him a new 2002 5200 postal bike. they ride a lot and love their bikes. the first frame was replaced and it only took about two weeks. trek has ben good to them
I did it....velo_rider
Dec 11, 2001 8:23 PM
I have a CAAD3 Cannondale which I like for it's weight and stiffness. (The frame was replaced under warranty) The ride is a bit harsh though.

This summer I picked up a 2000 OCLV frame lightly used for under 700 bucks and built it up with Dura Ace. I probably have 1000 miles on it and I'm very happy with it. It's plenty stiff enough and is absorbs the road shock very well. The ride is definetly better than the CAAD3 all the way around.

Can't answer the durability question at this point, but I have 2 road bikes that I ride regularly, so maybe I can extend the life of the frame that way. BTW I am 6'3" 200lbs.
re: Trek OCLVRusty Coggs
Dec 11, 2001 9:19 PM
I got an OCLV, and a cdale caad4.Like the OCLV better.
re: Trek OCLVDavidS
Dec 11, 2001 10:03 PM
I ride a Trek OCLV (5200), and I have found it to be very comfortable as well as stiff. I have around 1K miles on it, so i cannot comment on longevity. However, the fact is that OCLV frames will break, Aluminum frames will break, steel frames will break and so on... It seems to me that when a carbon frame breaks, you hear about it more often simply because many people seem to view it as a "new unproven" material. (this is hogwash)
As you probably know, Trek warranties thier OCLV frames for LIFE to the original buyer, and let me tell you the ride, in my opinion, is flawless.
A little advice: buy the frame alone, then build it (or have it built) with the stuff you want. Trek really likes to put as much in-house stuff on as possible (Bontrager bars, stem, seatpost, wheels, tires etc.). And change the Cane Creek headset to a Chris King.

Hope this helps. Ride lots.
-David S.
re: Trek OCLVDuane Gran
Dec 12, 2001 4:44 AM
Your best bet would be to read the reviews and eliminate the fanatical statements in the pro and con columns. Somewhere in the middle you will find reasoned opinions. That said, I'll throw out my opinion just the same...

I've owned a Trek 5200 for 1 year now and ridden just under 9,000 miles on it. I don't see any cracks or defects in the frame and it still feels stiff and responsive. The bike has treated me very well and I would recommend it to others. My next bike will probably be something else (considering Look and Colnago) but in years to come I'm sure that I'll own another Trek.

I echo the statements of another poster who suggests buying the frame itself and building it up. This is a good route if you have some older parts you can migrate. I'm not too fond of the Icon/Bontrager parts that Trek uses. They are durable enough, but for a little more money you can get lighter components that do the same thing.
Carbon fiber ridepmf1
Dec 12, 2001 4:55 AM
I've had steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon bikes. Carbon is my favorite. It has a smooth, comfortable ride. Some call it dead, but I think its plush. I presently have two carbon and one titanium bike.

I've only tried a Trek briefly. I think you really need to ride abike for a while to have an opinion on it. Unfortunately, you own it at that point. The Trek I tried was not as nice as my Kestrel or Colnago. Like others here have said too, when you buy a Trek, you end up buying crappy Trek parts that come on the bike. Later, you will likely want to replace them which is a waste of money. I'd consider a Look, Kestrel, or other mid priced frames and build it up yourself. Might be cheaper in the end.

There are a lot of myths about carbon bike durability. I think they're just myths though. Considering the huge number of OCLVs out there, is it any suprise that someone here can pipe up with a story of how they break?

I know a guy who has been riding Cannondales for years. I think he has 2-3 of them. He just ordered a Look frame. I'm curious to see how he'll like it. I'm guessing he'll wonder how he rode a Cannondale for so many years.
re: Trek OCLVChen2
Dec 12, 2001 6:58 AM
Built my '98 5500 up from a 56cm frame and fork set. Glossy nude finish with yellow graphics, mostly Dura-Ace, Mavic Cosmic Carbones and Michelin AP's. It's gone more than 5000 miles and still looks new, no cracks or scratches, still has original D/A chain. Nothing other than tires and tubes have been replaced. I weigh 165# and race a few local time trials. It's seen some very rough roads. The cracked OCLV frames that I've heard of were built in the earlier years.
re: Trek OCLVTriBuddha
Dec 12, 2001 9:51 AM
Tried both Trek 5000 and CDale 1000 prior to purchase, went with Trek, smoother ride & handled better, for me anyway. Rode the Trek for 2yrs, then an eagle eyed bike mechanic noticed back wheel not aligned, out it on the table and found not aligned upfront either, basically misaligned left to right (cant recall by how much) but enough for them to give me a brand new 5500 frame no questions asked, which is a much improved frame and fork from the old 5000. Raced a 112 miler, and no problem whatsoever.
nothing wrong with eitherTig
Dec 12, 2001 12:30 PM
As a past owner of 4 Cannondale road bikes and 1 OCLV, I like the ride of the Trek better due to the comfort. It doesn't lose any enery you put into the pedals. The Cannondales were the old criteriums and 2.8 frames. They ride extremely rough in smaller sizes like mine were. Acceleration and handling were great.

The Cannondale CADD 5 is supposed to be a much nicer riding frame than the CADD 4's and earlier. I still haven't ridden one but respect the opinions of some long riding friends. One rides a small frame and switched to it from a 5500 OCLV. He says it feels almost as smooth and comfy, but handles and accelerates much better. He has Ksyrium's, which contribute to the ride. You might want to test one before jumping off the C-dale wagon.

Trek is hard to beat. They feel a little dead, but nothing to complain about. I'd get another one but there are hundreds in my area and my ego want's something different and more original!
another $0.02key
Dec 12, 2001 3:58 PM
I have 01 trek 5900 and have had it for almost a year and 4K miles. Love it! I bought it because my Colnago had to be repaired, in Italy. I love the Colnago to, but the ride of the OCLV is great, I am 6'2 200 and have never had a problem with the frame.

The headset on the 5900 sucks!, but you can read about that in other posts, but the ride and quality of the frame is great. Before I got this frame I never thought I would own anything but a Colnago, glad I have had the chance.

My $0.02, good luck